Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Had a wonderful pass from last year into this one - Gary had black-eyed peas w/ham and cornbread all ready for me when I got home from work.  That along with a fire in the wood stove - yeah it was a good evening!! 'They say' - (who ever 'they' are) - that what ever you are doing on New Years - is what you will be doing all year long.  Well we woke up together - spent the day together - packed up his bags together - planning on having a 'special' dinner together (BBQing a steak - YUM!) and watching TV together... sounds like we will be together this year - LOL - you think??

Well his bags are packed and sitting next to the door - now we get to kick back and relax.  He is doing the BBQing and I'm roasting the cauliflower (love roasted veggies!!)... NSA ice cream for dessert w/SF topping.  Have a great fire going again in the wood stove (room temp in the mid 70's) and both of us sitting next to each other playing/reading/typing on our computers.  I can see us doing that in our new 'home' - LOL - just a little closer together!!

So much to look forward to this next year - 1) a GRAND BABY!!  Woo Hoo!!  So happy for them ((HUG))... both of them have such loving hearts, I know they will do fine. 2) a new career - we aren't looking at this as a 'vacation' because this will be WORK!!  Driving for LONG periods of time everyday is not easy.  I also tried my hand at 'planning' out a route w/all the stops etc... WOW - lots of things to consider and it made my brain hurt - LOL!  I love that I will have to learn something new.  As much as I loved where I worked (already using past tense) because of the people I directly worked with - I was stuck in a rut... I wasn't advancing or learning anything.  NOW I am advancing into a TOTALLY new environment and way of life.  I embraced the 'bariatric' way of life, and now we are taking that along with us and on the road.  We have protein packed and I'm going to be working out how to get our vitamins while we are on the road.  We WILL NOT go without those! 

I'm going to be taking the camera - and I 'plan' on taking and posting a picture a day... maybe just on FB but maybe here too... we'll see...

Well dinner is ready - and the steak looks WONDERFUL - and I must say the roasted veggies are pretty good too - bye for now :)

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