Monday, January 10, 2011

19 days and a wake up...

Feeling better today - yesterday was a drab and dreary day - without much done... today got stuff done towards my goal.  That in itself is a good feeling. 

Spoke w/one of my sisters today - great conversation - going to try to get us together BEFORE I head out of town.  Hopefully all three of us at one time, but if not, then at least with both of them one at a time - LOL!

We also got some more big furniture moved out of the apt.  It wasn't raining today, so we took advantage of it.  So even though I didn't get to the gym (before work - might go after work - depending on what hours the gym is open) I did get a good workout!! Let me just say Stairs + entertainment center = workout!! I also ran over to the Army Surplus Store to pick up a duffle bag - they have side zip ones - the big ones will be in on Friday - so I'll go back.  Much nicer than a top loader - which Gary got.  Now if I'll be able to fit everything in - LOL!

I've also gotten quite a bit of studying done - almost the whole 'workbook'... and a good print out of a PTI that I'm going to study.  Yeah I know they will go over it SO many times at school - I'll get it - I just want to not look TO new when I GET to school.  Plus that way - when they show me what I'm suppose to be checking - I'll know what I'm suppose to check - if that makes sense - LOL!

Lynn picked up a precious puppy today... she has always wanted a great dane - but living in the apt - that needless to say was a no go - also before living w/us - we didn't want to 'deal' with a big dog.  She is a love though - we have a feeling though that she was penned up outside for most of her short life (she's maybe 5 months old and a good 40#s), so very submissive to people right now - but she perked up and actually played with the boys before I had to leave for work.  She is all legs and is puppy clumsy - such fun to watch.  Her name is Ezra.  The only concerns (and I already voiced this to Lynn) is the cost of having such a large animal.  Plus already having some expenses that need to get done - such as some work on her car - OH and a baby on the way - LOL!  She is a grown up though - this is all part of the 'my letting go' and 'letting her'.  I am proud of her - and she made a decision that was right to her.  THAT is a good thing. 

Well I am at work - and need to chart - also want to review the PTI and other material I will need to know for my new career - sigh - did I already tell you it was 19 days and a wake up - but who's counting??  LOL!

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