Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Whew - finally getting to do a 'good' post.  Things that are going right (in my way of thinking) in my life. Yeah I know all the hardships and stresses were right for the time as well, but that was in God's eyes, and he doesn't let me see through those.

So WAY back in 2009, when times were starting to slide down, I tried to do a loan modification (when they first came out) and I fought with them for a YEAR AND A HALF to try to get it done.  Needless to say, it was a 'learning' experience!! Well time went on and we pinched and pulled - robbed Peter to pay Paul and we scaped by.

More changed and we had try the 'modification' again. I stalled and stalled (bad experience last time, didn't want to do that again!!) and then we actually GET a call asking us if we wanted to refinance!!  I was very skeptical at first, but we tried... and it went though!!  Our intrest rate went from 6.5% to 4%... and it dropped our mortgage down a decent chunk of change.  Now maybe even Peter will get some now!!

We are also on a new dedicated fleet. The Cafe' Valley one was nice, but we just didn't seem to be able to get the miles others were getting.  Plus with things changing at home (Daughter and family were able to purchase their own 'first' home) we needed to be able to get home more frequently. The fleet we are on now (UNFI), we get 'home' weekly!!  We have also arrainged for others to swing by the house and check on things and our neighbor is doing an awesome job on our yard!!

It has been nice to have a 'home' to come home to.  Sure the 'house' was there, but we had told the kids to 'make it theirs'... so it wasn't our 'home' anymore. Now it is turning back into our 'home'. There is still stuff to straighten out, but that will come with time.

We also have a new family member!!  His name is Buddy.  He is a tiny Chiuhaha (or however you spell it)... We met him before he even had his eyes open and fell in love.  He was born Aug 6th so is now almost 3 month old.  It is a challenge in the truck for potty - there isn't always a place to stop when he needs to 'go'... but we supplement with potty pads and toss them if they get used.  He is adapting well, and is a much needed stress reliever and comic.

Eating wise we are getting into a better routine.  Sliced meat and cheese roll ups for 'munchies' while we are driving (going to add some sliced/chunked veggies now I have a counter to prep them on) and 'cooking' a meal in the evening - we stop long enough to eat, then switch drivers. Kinda hard for the one hitting the sack - especially if they ate too much (raising hand), but this journey - weight loss surgery, career change - is such a learning experience all the way around!!

I miss doing things with my daughter, and now her family.  I miss my friends that I was able to visit with and not have to worry about time. I miss being able to relax after work and kick back on the couch and do nothing. All in all though, I still am glad I'm doing this :)