Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Head work...

I still have some 'head work' I need to do I think... tonight I am just wanting to eat!! Thank goodness I don't have access to a kitchen at work - I can only eat what I bring.  I seriously have some head hunger going on... why, I'm not sure - maybe stress (LOL - what stress - HA - I laugh in the face of stress!!  Bwahahaha!!) - maybe boredom - yeah I love the little one I watch, but it can get a bit boring - maybe an old habit (that isn't really THAT old)... I am just struggling with it a bit more tonight than usual.  And I'm craving foods I KNOW I shouldn't have!!  Sweet/Salty/Crunchy - Grrr... so instead I'm here - whining about it - and drinking a RTD chocolate protein... sigh - at least I'm getting some sweet...

How am I going to deal in a truck??  Talk about boredom - and the habit of munching while driving - I wonder how Gary is doing with it - or will I be SO tired after driving that all I will want to do is sleep?  That is a concern I have - maintaining a 'healthy' life style.  Ah well - I guess I should at least get out there first before I start stressing about it - LOL!  Just thinking about what I still need to do - and what I'm going to do - is stressful enough :)

Man this chocolate is hitting the spot - I needed that!!


  1. I worry about the same things..I'm thinking of picking up crocheting again just to keep my hands busy. If I read in the car I get nauseated so don't know if I can do that..sigh! What to do, what to do? One day at a time I guess. Bruce and I have been talking about the food situation too..he has spent 200 in 10 days for food and not healthy stuff either. Sometimes I wonder what the heck are we doing!!! Are we crazy!!!

  2. Head hunger is SO hard to overcome -- I am struggling with that right now and have gained afew pounds I am trying desperately to lose. I like to stay up late, and so get the "muchies" late at night -- bad! You will do fine on the trucks tho - you and Gary will support each other and keep each other accountable.