Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faith, Family and Friends

God amazes me sometimes... yeah, he's God, I shouldn't be amazed... But he is still amazing! About a year ago we scheduled our 'time off'... well this last month my sister had another step in her journey with cancer. 

OK, I'll back up a bit... 13 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had a MASSIVE surgery (bilateral mastectomy with trans-flap reconstruction) and has lived with the possibility of a reoccurrence for 12 years. Well it happened not quite a year ago (and yes, my times might be a bit off - but you get the idea) that she found out she had cancer in her bones.  She has fought for all the added time that modern treatments provide; and has done so with such courage and grace. Now has come the time in her journey to let go and rest... She knows it, her husband of 37 years knows it and both of her sons know it... yeah, even I know it. Having a 'nursing background' I had the idea, when she mentioned the bone cancer, that it would come to something like this.

Now back to current time... having this week off is a blessing because I am able to visit and talk with my sister and her family before she passes.  Hopefully I give some comfort to her and hers. 

So in today's busy life - don't get so narrow sighted that you loose track of what is important... FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS!!