Monday, March 28, 2011

First one down...

and many more to go.  Our first run as a team is now complete.  It went pretty good really.  On time without having to PUSH it.  Hit some nasty weather, but took things slow and easy when needed... and up some hills - LOL! The only oops was a chunk of ice or something hitting the windsheild and putting a crack in it... its not in the line of vision, so for right now we are just watching it closely, and it will get fixed when we get back up to UT.  The load we have now is HEAVY!!  With it and the tractor we are about 79220... max is 80K - so needless to say the hills will be REALLY slow - LOL! Gary doing the morning shift and me the evening shift is working out pretty good so far - so I will be taking a nap soon - then driving until I get tired.  Wake Gary up - he helps me park - then we sleep for a few hours with the truck not moving - then Gary gets up and starts the day.  The back is getting arrainged... but the big power inverter isn't available - sigh - we think the battery its hooked up to is bad.  The little inverter though is enough to run the refrig, and we have the little cooker (used it the first time last night - works GREAT)... toninght it will have pork chops (left overs) reheated over roasted veggies :) can't wait to see how THOSE turn out... well off to take my nap... bye for now from Virginia in route to Utah...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

There is no such thing as a bad day...

Some are just better than others... and today was a really better day!!  All three things I wished for the other day has happened... 1) my husband/home/rock/anchor/soft place to fall is now by my side 2) we were able to trade trucks to one with a larger sleeper area w/more storage.  Gary drove one when he was training, and the one I trained in was very similar.  Even Gary agreed there is quite a bit more room :^) 3) the slicing of the ABX capsles is working!!  I was up on my leg ALL day long - walking - standing - walking - well you get the picture... the redness isn't AS angry (still red though) and it is more swollen than a boiled sausage, BUT it isn't AS angry red.  The swelling and pain I anticipated because of the walking/standing stuff. So there is definated improvement.  I would do a happy dance, but Gary has assigned me to bedrest w/bathroom privilages and keeping my L leg elevated for the rest of this evening.  Now the kicker for today - that has pushed it over the edge of JUST better than others and made it REALLY better than others is.... we no longer have D as a DM!!  I actually did an abbreviated happy dance in the middle of WalMart when it was confirmed and we got our first load from her (from the yard to VA by Monday - good starter run).  We will call her Miss V... What a relief... the term manager I don't know if he would have really changed us over with out all the squeeking in his ear... and not just by me... there was another phone call from someone dear that I think helped push him over the edge ... Thank you T!! It really was a busy and productive day though.  Got ALL the stuff out of the W9 - even in the rain.  It is 'mostly' put away - and things are fitting pretty well.  A few tweeks - but I'm liking it :) Met the 'HR' manager and he helped us print up temp medical cards 'just in case'... thankfully I don't think I will need them now. Got to say 'thank you' to the DM general manager and let him know we were NOW happy campers (wanted to leave w/a good impression - and I truely am thankful he started the ball rolling!).  Swung by WalMart and picked up some stuff//storage options (felt like Momma - little containers for everything - LOL)... and now relaxing w/Gary doing the laundry/fetching dinner and looking forward to work tomorrow... life is REALLY good right now!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is a home?  A building?  A city? A state?... for me my home is my husband... I am now home!!  I know - sounds corny - but for the last couple years I have felt this way.  He would give me a hug and I would sigh and say 'I'm home'.  Maybe I was preparing myself for this adventure where we don't have a 'building' anymore... well not really anyway.  The building is now my daughter, her husband and their child's home.  We have a room there with our stuff in it.  Home is where my heart is - and that is with my husband <contented sigh>  Through all of the training and the separation I have learned that I CAN do things on my own.  I am ABLE to do them.  I have more self confidence and a higher self esteem after this period of time, but I have also come to the conclusion that if I don't HAVE to be separated from him - I don't WANT to be separated from him!! This period of time though has brought a new appreciation for my husband.  As I posted before, I got some cellulitis going on.  I was doing on my own, but it sure is nicer to have him here.  Some one to care that I put my leg up, to make sure I have something to drink handy, to make comforting sounds and a hug when this left leg of mine hurts like hell.  All I can take for it is tylenol and asprin... they do drug screens and if I'm going to be driving soon, I don't want any type of narcotic in my system.  So yeah - there is some serious pain with this, this time.  So right now - we are in the same room, both on our computers - but we are together!!  IF we get a different truck with a bigger sleeper/storage area - yeah that would be great - but if not, we'll adapt.  Yeah it would be great if this leg of mine got better over night, but I won't hold my breath (soon would be good though!!).  However I am content because I am HOME!!


[hohm] Show IPA noun, adjective, adverb, verb, homed, hom·ing.
1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
2. the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sigh... bit of a whine here - so feel free to skip this one...

I don't feel good... Yesterday - had a little bit of discomfort in my L foot, thought maybe I scrubbed it too hard when I took a bubble bath.  This morning - redness and increased discomfort on the top of my food.  Ok - I'll take it easy, but I NEED to go to WalMart.  I'm out of protein and drink mixes and munchies... and the munching I've been doing hasn't been good choices.  So off to WM I go... shuttle to the term/shuttle to WM - there walking around for 1 hour/shuttle back to the term/shuttle back to the hotel.  Mean while - my temp has gone up (I can tell because my lips are BLUE and I am shivering so hard I can barely push the cart), I am having REALLY BAD pain in my foot/calf/behind my knee and groin.  Thank GOD I got prescribed some broadspectrum ABX that will kill just about everything but me - however they tend to cause yeast infections too (joy).  Also when I'm back at the term, they let me know I'm getting shuffled to a new room w/a roommate... sigh... so I finally get back to the hotel - thank goodness for bell carts - move all my stuff over.  TV is blaring,  and there are 3 people in here.  Thankfully the guys left - (no hanky panky or anything - just classmates) and my RM left (probably visiting in their room - that don't hurt my feelings AT ALL).  I took a warm (not hot - didn't want to do any more tissue damage - but I did want to warm up) bath, I'm in bed with my legs elevated slightly - started on my ABX and waiting for my fever to break... I feel like I'm ROASTING!! I did take some Excedrin though - so that will help the pain and temp.  Ah the glamoris life of a trucker!! Gary still isn't due until Tuesday - but I'm suppose to head over to the term to work on getting us a different truck... so I'm going to call - and if I need to show my face - I will!!  My trainer is wanting out of his lease - and we are seriously considering that. It would only go to October (If I remember correctly) so we can see if that is for us (I think L/O will be) but again health insurance is an issue... case in point - what if I didn't have these ABX to take - that would mean no coverage (as we would be independant contractors) unless we can find some individual coverage.  That would have meant a visit to an urgent care, doctor visit, and RX... not cheap by any means.  Need to check with the tax guys to see if we incorporate, can we deduct our health insurance since we would be  'employee's' of the corporation?? So something to work out.  So here I wait - but I feel SO much better w/my leg covered - I'm warm (almost too warm because of the fever) and I'm drinking my fluids (really behind on that today - only about 30 oz so far).  I'm also going to enclude a protein drink tonight - since I'm behind on that too... Well that's it for now - off to read the forum and FB... :) Of course I will probably fall asleep in the middle of it and be up in the wee hours again - LOL!  Oh well - there is always HULU!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am SO bored ...

LOL! Yeah not much to do and I'm back in a 12x12 room - with one window - and not even my little one to keep me company :(  I'm gettting caught up on my HULU and did all the bill paying/email reading/fax sorting yesterday... I have at least 2 more days of this!!  Please let them find a loaner truck!! I found myself trying to eat my boredom away - now my 'pouch' hurts - and I have to step away from the food (still have 6" of sandwich left)... I did make a list for things at WalMart I would want to pick up - I guess I really should do that - but whining about being bored is what I'm doing instead - LOL!  Yeah, makes no sense in my mind either.  Then of course I could always take a nap - but then I would be up in the wee small hours of the morning - again with nothing to do.  Well besides playing on my computer - and repacking my duffle bag again.  Tomorrow though for sure I need to get to WalMart.  I'm out of protein - and a sandwich from Subway and 'bars' aren't going to cut it.  Also need to pick up some laundry soap - evidently the all in one sheets cause Gary to itch - too bad, those were so compact. I'm also running really low on my drink packets.  Hopefully WM will have the type I like to drink - NOT Crystal Light - well I can tolerate those, but Gary can't - Aspartame - but that is a story for another time.  Oh I know what I can do - I can find an ebook - I might just do that.  Or I will just stay here and whine - I even have a round of cheese from Wisconsin with me - LOL!  Sigh - yeah I'm not making any sense here - just babbling - and since I did eat the bread with the original 6" of my sandwich - I can feel the drowzies coming on - so I think the nap idea will win... then I'll go back to HULU later, maybe - see how exciting truck driving can be!! Don't you all want to do this?? I know - it will get better - at least once I get out there... and I have seen some wonderful things and met some wonderful people.  I even have some new friends!! So these down time days are still worth it. YAWN - yep the nap wins...

Friday, March 18, 2011

And the wait continues...

But at least its in a more pleasant inviroment than the terminal - LOL!  At least for now.  I'm not sure what I will be doing - so I'm trying to stay flexible and positive.  Kinda hard to do, but I'm getting better at it than a couple days ago.  I'm realizing I don't have much control over what is happening, so why stress it.  Just make the best of it.  (easier said than done) So the HMM (High Mucky Muck) in Fontana said to 'call him' at 8am UT  time - I did - left a VM message... and called again at 0810, 0815,0830 (no messages those times) then got a text - he is on a conference call - I reply no prob - then I call again at 0930 since he still hasn't contacted me and again it went to VM... so texted him that I was still at the hotel and should I check out or was I going to stay another night?  Check out time is in one hour... now I sit and wait for a reply... and wait... and wait... AH but during this time I got to chat w/my sister - that was a good thing :) also caught up some on the Forum - and FB - however I haven't gone through my e-mail/fax stuff - guess I should since the computer isn't bouncing around in the back of a truck... I just don't want to 'deal' with it - sigh - my procrastination tendency is coming out again!!  Wanting to do EVERYTHING else but deal with what I need to deal with - LOL!

Well got a response back - I'm staying another night - LOL!  This time I'm going to head to a store and get some REAL bubble bath stuff... might as well enjoy the time :) I'm also going to head to the terminal to show my face - so folks know I'm still around... also I'm going to try to 'trade trucks' for a larger/roomier newer model  - LOL!  So there just  might be some benefit of me not getting to Gary right away... LOL!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Trust is so important in any relationship... Oh no I'm not talking about Gary and I - but between our new employer and us.  There is a DM (driver manager) that he has been working with as well as planners... and needless to say there have been some 'issues'.  With those issues have come some serious frustrations!!  I'm hoping that we will be getting a new DM in fact I will be insisting on that.  Maybe even a new terminal if needed.  They have totally messed up us getting together - but I'm hoping that they will redeem themselves.  Time will tell...

So today I'm in a bit of limbo - suppose to be getting info re: a plane ticket to meet up with Gary... so far no word.  Also his load got changed around - so he might not even BE there!!  ARG! I just want to know what is going to happen - LOL!! I just want this journey to start already. We will stick w/this company for the year... and we WERE planning on sticking with them for 15-20 years.  Now?? I'm not sure any more... you need to work or deal with a company you can trust, and I don't have too much trust in them right now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LONG day...

Sigh... I'm now sitting at the Ramoda Inn in Salt Lake City enjoying a grilled pork chop and grilled veggies.  Weird that I am missing the bumpy seat and the truck stop specials - well maybe it was the company more than the ambiance - LOL.  I have some more orientation tomorrow and then I guess I wait... and wait... for the company (Gary's DM) to get him a load up this a way.  Really frustrating that they didn't concider him/us better.  I think it is mostly the DM that he has right now, but who knows if this is indicative of the concideration the company gives drivers... I hope not.  The DM we had (trainer and I) seemed to take into concideration what else was happening - but then not much was happening except we wanted miles - LOL!  Yeah we got miles!! 

I was so excited/anxious/sad about today though I did do a couple no no's... my vitamins - haven't taken them yet today... my liquids - LOL - yeah totally skipped... food/protein - I had a RTD 40gm for breakfast - that was it until 3 pm... no wonder I was seriously lagging!! I would chew anyone else out that did that, and here I did it... well life intrudes.  So I'm eating a 'healthy' dinner/late lunch - with left overs (for later) and will catch up on my liquids when I get back to my room - unless I fall asleep first :)

I am looking forward to fixing food on the truck though - creativity and inginuity - we will see how it goes.  Needless to say I need to 'redecorate' and 'move the furniture' around once I get in the truck... it looks like a guy decorated it (love you Honey!!)... actually that is sort of the plan... I get the inside maintainance and he gets the outside maintainance... he gets the trip planning, I get the communication with the company (gee aren't I lucky - note sarcasim here) and I'm hoping that working with V will be MUCH better than D!! We have been having 'fun' (again w/the sarcasim) with D and the planner working with him M (at least I think he is a planner)... neither knows what the other one is asking him to do - so he doesn't know who's expectations to fulfill... and neither of them are trying to get him back here to UT to pick me up!!

So tonight I will get a slight glimmer of the 'aloneness' Gary has been dealing with.  No trainer to joke and kid around with - no roommate to ignore and get irritated at.  It makes the separation sharper.  I really have no idea how some folks do this alone.  Yeah you would 'get use to it' and there are personnal contacts out there... via phone and truck stop meetings... but its just not the same thing.  That I think is what makes this 'profession' so specialized.  It is definately not for everyone.  Case in point - my trainer was THIS close to home, but we couldn't get there to see his wife - and due to stuff happening on her side, she couldn't come to see him... that like totally sucked!! Where we've been blessed through all of this to be able to sneak and snatch moments together.  Soon we will be SO close together we just might be wishing for these days back - NOT!! In any road though there are bumps (as I have been finding out) and we will pass by these bumps and continue on... and I for one can't wait!!

A little bit of reflection...

As I've said before - I have been driving and thinking about all the things I would love to 'blog' about... one of them is what 'all of this' has meant to me - personally.  This is going to be a bit scattered - just like I am (most of the time - LOL).  This training period was a time to prove to myself that I CAN do things on my own.  Yeah - I had a trainer, but I was the one learning.  For so long I have had self doubt and insecurity about my abilities - and nope that isn't all gone either - but I was able to do this.  Without leaning on someone else to do it.  Well I did lean on God - this has been a leap of faith - but another person I mean.  Now will come the time that I team up with Gary - so I won't be 'on my own' any more - I needed to prove to myself 'I' could do it - and I did.  So many times - with other things - I would hesitate and not do it (fixing something, or doing a project) because I would be worried that I wouldn't be able to right... that I would fail... or I would disappoint who ever.  My 'fat' self I think hid behind that fear.  My new self - the one that I'm working on - is trying to 'do' even with the fear.  Taking the leap with faith.  Man can it be scary, but oh so worth it!!  I have been able to meet some WONDERFUL people, see some AMAZING things and actually DO something I have only dreamed about.  Will this continue to work out - only God knows for sure - but I'm enjoying the ride :)

Well enough waxing poetically - LOL - today will be completing paperwork and some (more) orientation type stuff (I think).  There will be a driving test - not the official DMV one - that I passed - but the company one.  Little nervous about that - I want to do my trainer proud :) He keeps telling me that I'm doing good and that I'm one of the best he has had - but my self doubt still colors those comments with skepticism - sigh... like I said I'm a work in progress.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Training almost done...

Next week - I will be done with training and Gary and I will be on our own... well almost.  My trainer has said that he is available for questions ANY time - that is a big relief.  Gary's trainer didn't really 'train' him - and mine can only put so much info in my tiny mind in 28 days... at least that I will retain that is - LOL!  Plus after 'living' with him for 4 weeks, and him not kicking me out - I'd like to think we are friends.  I think we will do 'ok'.  It will be the timing and trip planning that will be our biggest challenge right out of the gate.  I think we will be getting the dispatcher that has been running my trainer and I - at least I hope so.  She seems to be right on the ball - and doesn't leave our ### hanging in the breeze.  Gary's is 'new' so I will cut him some slack - plus Gary is new too - LOL! 

You know its funny - as I drive along I wax poetically (to myself) about all the things I would LOVE to blog about - then I have a chance to sit and type - and I can't think of a durn thing - LOL.  Is this all that I thought it would be - yes.  Is it more - in some repects yes.  Its more tiring... it isn't easy to drive for 10 hours and not be tired.  Always having to be aware of everyone/thing around you.  Straight highway driving is much nicer than city driving - that's for dang sure!! The beauty of the land - it is amazing!  I haven't seen it all yet - I don't know - maybe in a few years, it will get old - but it will take a while.  Love the sunrises and sunsets - with clouds or without - some over flat fields and some of those fields with snow.  So many combinations and colors.  Being born and raised in Sacramento, CA - and not really getting out of CA - I never had the comprehension of just how BIG this county is... and how many places have no people any where around.  I do miss being able to stumble out of bed - shuffle to the bathroom - and fall back into bed wearing only my jammies.  Yeah not wearing jammies into a truckstop - LOL - although I have seen one or two that have!  Right now though the good out weighs the inconveniences. 

I do need to start taking care of 'home' stuff though... I have been ignoring the 'mail' and it has been piling up - sigh.  Oh as to how I'm getting my mail?? My daughter faxes to a number and a service changes what ever is faxed to a PDF file - then e-mails it to us.  So far it works good - IF I do my email - LOL. 

Well enough of this 'blog' thing - at least for right now... I'm typing in a moving truck - and actually doing really well - or at least I catch my typos for the most part.  Still want to 'read' some on FB and TTR forum - then off to bed for me!! 

Bye for now...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Man did I need that!!  10 hours of straight sleep!! There is only two problems with doing that... my joints ache from not moving for so long and my bladder just about explodes - LOL!  Sorry if TMI :)

Well the date is set for my 'upgrade' - March 16th!!  Gary has requested his days off March 16-19 in Fontana - so he can be there when I get upgraded.  The time couldn't work out better for my trainer either - he has a birthday to head towards.  For those of you that are in the 'trucking' arena - you KNOW how hard it is to make it to planned events!

So the miles this truck has put on is in the 15K range - plenty for my milage requirements, only need 2K more and we can do that without breaking a sweat.  So now its just the minimum time we are looking at.  I've been doing 'ok' with backing - yesterday though I let a man waiting w/the dock door open fluster me a bit... felt like a rooky again - oh wait - I am a rooky - LOL!  I still drop gears when I'm tired - but I'm finding them easier.  I tried 'floating' gears - but I just don't have that down yet.  Once its out of gear, I can get it into the next no problem - its getting it out that is sticking.  I don't want to 'force' it - and from what I understand - if I'm at the right RPM I won't need to... sigh... still a work in progress.

Oh and you know what my WONDERFUL trainer did?!?! Well in a way its my fault - I friended him on facebook - and these blog posts get posted there - so when I was mentioning/whining about my lack of veggies - he stopped at WalMart and picked up some veggies!!  Sorry ladies - he is taken (I've seen the picture of his wife - she is beautiful!) - but if he wasn't he would be a keeper!!  Its the attention to details that really makes the difference.  He is like that with others in the Co. too - payroll clerk - DM... and it really makes a difference.  I don't think it is a purposeful thought process either (mmm - if I do this little thing - then I can get <____>) it is something he just is aware of and does.  So hint for any other guys that read this (it still amazes me that other folks do) that its the little things that catch our eye and that can make a BIG difference!

So what I'm doing right now is 1) letting my trainer sleep 2) debating if I should wake him because the place we are picking up from opens at 0700 - but our pick up time isn't scheduled until 1400 3) doing the Mervin's thing (saying open/open/open) to the Starbucks across the street 4) going to head over to the company website and get some of the 'testing' done now...

So - I'm still alive and I haven't run anyone over (yet) with this big truck. I'm rested and looking forward to what more life has instore for me... :) Bye for now <waving>

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My reality...

Its amazing what a long hot shower will do to your out look on life - ahhhh!! 

Things are going well on my side - Gary has hit a couple small bumps, but has them straighted out.  The sad part is he should have felt comfortable enough to call his 'trainer' to ask how to deal with <_____> but needless to say his trainer was/is a jerk.  I don't think Gary would call him for any reason... I could be wrong about that - but I don't think so.  So I explained what was happening to my trainer - and he gladly spoke w/Gary.  I would feel very comfortable calling my trainer later and asking him questions - or even just shooting the breeze.  THAT is how this training/mentorship is suppose to work!! 

So my reality right now is driving.  I never realized just how exhausting 'just driving' could be!  So many things to consider - especially that I have a 53' tail!  And that tail will do different things depending where those back wheels are.  MAN you put those wheels all the way back and that thing doesn't want to trail behind you at all!!  Then there are the different procedures/protcols for the different shippers/recievers.  One like things this way - that one doesn't... ARG!!  Will I remember it all?? Yeah I'm sure I will - eventually, but until then = stress :)

Eating has also been a bit of a challenge.  I'm sure I mentioned it before, but there just isn't TIME to grab something at a restaurant... and the truck stops just don't have any green stuff or fruit.  So right now I'm spluging - I ordered a parm. chicken breast ( only able to eat half of it ) and taking the rest and the salad for later!! 

Well I guess I better pack up - we have the trailer to get washed out and pick up the load - so the wheels stay rolling!! 

Bye for now :)