Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speed Bumps...

I really don't like speed bumps!!  My type of speed bumps are unexpected things that catch you when you are in the process of doing something life changing.  Such as when I had a 'thing' on my lung, before I had surgery.  Thankfully just some good antibiotics made THAT go away.  This time I had a 'bump' on my gum and a swollen lymph node.  Not really PAIN, but pressure and uncomfortable.  Now knowing that I would not be near any medical facilities for a good long while, unless it was an emergency - I had to get it looked at right away.  Me thinking "I get a shot in the butt of some antibiotic, and some pills - I'll be fine" - yep, God was laughing at my 'plan' again!!  Yes I had an infection - but it was bad enough (I evidentally had if for a while) that I have lost some bone - and they had two ways of treating it.  To save the tooth (what there was left of it) they could have come in (through bone) from the root side and cleared the infection away that way, or by not saving the tooth and getting it out of the way to get to the infection.  Well I chose to have the tooth pulled... sigh... and with me leaving on Saturday, there isn't time for me to get a 'new' one in there (plastic bridge type of thing).  So now I have a missing tooth, right in front!! Sigh... thank goodness my husband already loves me - and not just for my looks - LOL!  Maybe it was God testing my resolve - what are you willing to give up to do this?? ... house/check - job/check - being there during your daughters pregnancy/check - front tooth/check... I wonder if there will be any other speed bumps before I leave??

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