Friday, January 7, 2011

A time line penciled in...

Sigh - got a call today re: Whey Low - well the website is down - and she didn't want to give me any info over the phone... yeah I don't see the business doing bunches for a while... but I knew this would happen.  I'm ok with that - I'm moving on.  I spoke with the recruiter in Fontana - I think that is where I will doing my schooling and training.  That will leave me up here with only settling the house and work to worry about, then when I leave I will only have the schooling and training to worry about (well I will still worry about up here - but things will be as settled as I can get it before I go).  We did a test on scanning mail today - worked great.  Lynn did some household bill paying - worked great.  Called about Momma and the new med seems to be working.  Things are falling into place.  So the time line as it sits right now (and it has been changing almost daily - LOL) is my last day of work on the 28th - fly to Fontana on the 30th to start school on the 31st. 

Its a weird feeling to have that 'line' in the sand... almost like having a surgery date - LOL!  The same 'this is it' feeling.  The surgery also was a leap of faith - and has done us well.  I think this will too... I'm not saying its easy.  Giving up/away all the 'things' that have been collected. What others look at and say 'you have done well in this life'.  Like a house and vehicles and 'stuff'.  This also is a blessing of sorts.  We always knew that 'sometime' Lynn would 'get' the house... well now we are alive to see her and hers enjoy it.  THAT is worth quite a bit right there.  To watch her today, at the desk, actually filing the bills away... I never thought she would grow up and get organized!!  How I pulled my hair out when she would 'overdraw' herself!! I would get after her to keep an eye on it - use Quicken or something like that to keep track of things.  There she was doing it :) my little girl has grown up <sniffle>.  I am so proud of her!! 

Gary was lucky enough to get a trainer right off the bat.  On a forum that we are on - there are folks just waiting for a trainer.  Now there were some drivers at the terminal waiting after their training for trucks... since Christmas... THAT'S a bit scary.  Figure though - he might have to wait, but I won't have to - he will already have it!!  LOL - well at least that's the plan (que God and laughter here)...

Letting go... yeah I've had to do that recently.  Things as well as people.  Such as the little one I watch and his family. I have been with them for 12 years!! That is a LONG time.  They are like family to me too.  Also activities - my business - support groups.  Well those have been put on hold I guess... and people I can still keep in touch with - its just not quite the same. 

All in all though - I am looking forward to this new 'adventure'... on the forum we are participating in we have a thread 'the Adventures of Team Klingon' - and that's what this will be - an adventure!!  I know there will be times when I'm smacking myself (and Klingon) wondering WHY IN THE HELL DID WE DO THIS - and then there will be other times when I realise - yes... THIS is why we did this!!  I'm looking forward to those times :D

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  1. Well put. I sure hope Bruce gets his truck asap after training..OMW! I never even thought of that happening. And yay for Lynn! I know we will have a day like WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE DOING HERE? moment! Oh well, that's why they are called mid-life crisis'..oops I meant!