Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing BUDDY

Let me introduce you to Buddy (well at least a picture of him)... I never thought I would be a 'dog' person, but he is growing on me. I think that is the only place he is growing - LOL!  He weighs MAYBE two pounds soaking wet.  He is now basically potty trained - or maybe we are trained to recognise his 'signals'.  We are also 'legal' with Central.  They now have a 'pet policy' and we are compliant with that... all $500 worth!! (ouch)

Not going to do a long blog tonight... I'm 'computered' out!!  Got a lot done though... at least I think so.  Still trying to get my bills set up so I don't forget any, and they all get paid on time.  Started the new bank account ( for the LLC ) and now get to figure out how we are going to get paid in a timely manner. Before we would just transfer from one account to another, now its a bit more complicated. Getting pay from one bank to another!  Sigh... I'll get it though... I'm determined!!

Gary has been in the kitchen all day - and it smells really good!  BIG pot of spaghetti sauce, and boiling peanuts.  Yep - we stopped, bought raw peanuts and he's a boiling them. 

We also got to see Lynn today on her way to work and will again tomorrow for breakfast.  The weather isn't co-operating though to see Morgan and Eddie - but there is always next week.  We'll send squeezes with Lynn for those two.

The new lane is still going good.  Steady miles, and we sort of know where we are going to be, and when.  We are getting to know the people at the various locations, and they are getting to know us. There are a few tweaks I would love to make, but compared to how things were when we were OTR and not getting home for months at a time - I'll take it!!

So I'm going to sign off for the night - have some adult beverage, watch SOA, have a friend over for dinner - shower, sleep - then do it all again - LOL!

PS... I am now back down under 200!!  Really was getting concerned about that.  Found that if I 'munched' on sliced meats and cheeses and veggies - it was MUCH better than nuts!! Now to try to increase the protein shake intake - that might cut down even more from the cheese consumption... next after that to work on is coffee and exercise... maybe - LOL!