Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have such beautiful sisters!!  It was SO good seeing them today - it has been a while.  Not as long as it use to be - but long enough.  What I mean by that is - as with any family (or at least with ours) each kid is at a different level in their life.  One in elementry school another in High School or College... the social circles just don't intermesh unless brought together by the parents.  'Family' events - dinners/picnics/outings.  There wasn't a bunch of that in our family - so as we grew up - we tended to grow into our husbands families.  That was fine, its what we needed.  Then my Dad had a stroke.  People would think that was a bad thing - and yes - it was.  However something REALLY good came from it.  It brought us (the Miller girls) back into each other's lives. His stroke made us pull together; have contact w/each other.  Even after his passing (miss you Dad) we made an agreement, that we would continue to have 'sister times'.  At first it was once a month - but life intrudes at times, but all in all, we do pretty good.  Now I'm heading off OTR, so we were able to do one more sister time before I leave.  It was a nice long one :) The love and support of these sister times are awesome... I will miss them.  (my sisters and sister time)

Gary gave me some news that I think is great - he wants to start going back to church.  This is a good thing.  Its funny - each of us sisters have a different approach to 'religion' and our faith.  I'm a quiet one about it - LOL - but it is there.  Gary and I have different views about churches - he was raised in a 'Church of Christ' - I went to several different churches growing up.  So I'm comfortable w/instrument music during a service, or multiple cups for communion... those things he's not so comfortable with.  That's fine by me.  I'm happy I found a news letter and web site for the same church he grew up with.  There are locations in several different states, and that's a good thing since we will be in different states - LOL! 

Another good thing - Gary's trainer is going to try taking his 'home time' (he lives in Fontana, where I'm going to school) at the same time I head down there.  So there will be a day, day and a half that I will be able to spend w/Gary before I head to school and he goes back on the road.  Really looking forward to that.  Truth be told - I'm looking forward this whole adventure!!  I will miss my daughter, her husband, our house, the little one I watch, ALL of our friends in Sacramento - the daily routines we had; but I'm looking forward to the change.  Something new - new challenges - new adventures - and doing these NEW things with my BEST friend!!

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