Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Time

It was good to see the kids... It wasn't a long visit, but we will take what we can get. Plus we don't make anything sitting still, in fact it costs money to do that! I just wish that we could visit or stop with out it costing, but we went lease so here we run!

We both have been fighting a cold... Zinc has been helping, but I think the cold is starting to win. It's weird.. With the weight loss I seem to have lost some of the force I could put behind a cough or laugh. I just don't have that oomph any more... So I really don't want this cold to get into my chest, because I won't be able to cough it out! Scary thing is... I'm starting to hear Gary cough... And he has a history (before WLS) of asthma and other such. Myself, since the abscess I had in my lung was treated with the antibiotics, I haven't had a serious cough since! Not wanting one either!

We're trying to do better with our protein intake... Not doing so well with that... We get lazy and slip back into simple, easy and not so good for us habits. Coffee and nuts with easy to toss together foods... I really miss my kitchen and the cooking I was able to do. My kitchen now is a moving bunk with a cutting board on my lap - LOL! It might be easier if we had more sitting time, but that's one thing we don't want... sitting.

Well Gary is now driving, and we are on our way to our first drop... That is one thing with Cafe Valley.. Multiple drops.. But we get a token amount for multiple drops... and I need to try to complete my sleep. Another thing that I'm having to learn... To sleep at any time of day and when I can... Because my sleep periods seem to get broken up with a couple hours here and there ... Because even though there is a 10 hour span of time that I don't drive, there is fueling and potty stops and sometimes a delivery/pick up during that 'break'. YAWN... So anyway... Heading to bed for another 49 miles until our fuel stop... Got to take advantage of a toilet when I can - LOL!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fingers tied...

There is so much I would like to type about, but I don't want to air my frustrations to much in public... It's just really irritating when we are asked not to do things, and we have to hold ourselves back for fear of hurting someone's feelings... But then things happen and it appears like we are being so used... When do we stop trying to look out for others feelings, and start looking out for us? Sigh...

Well these last two weeks we have been run pretty well... Got a settlement with over 6000 miles! THAT'S what I'm talking about!! They are being nice and are running us past Sacramento so we can see the kids... Might not be a long visit, but that's OK.. Stopping and visiting doesn't pay the bills!!

Doing this truck driving we were so hoping to be able to pay off bills.. So far we are barely keeping our head above water, and we are still snorting some up our nose!!

I sure hope we will be able to keep the house, but if we can't get ourselves out of this hole, we might just have to... We HAVE to think about when we aren't able to work any more... What will we live on? Social security?? Yeah right... So anyway... Stopping now to take a shower where thousands have showered before...

The view from my office is STILL awesome though!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Less than a week away...

Well it's almost Christmas, and we won't be 'home' for it... So weird! Well in a way we'll be home, since our truck is really our home right now... But not with family... This will be the first year we haven't gotten Lynn a stocking... Or maybe last year was... Yeah I think last year was.. I'm getting OLD!!

Well we just finished our last delivery, and are parked at a truck stop waiting for a load to get us back to AZ. I did request a 'drive by' to Sacramento, so we can see the kids (man do I miss them) but we'll see if that comes to pass... Not going to hold my breath...

Guess I'm feeling a bit on the downside... Still think we did the right thing, but it's becoming more and more like work. Ah to not have to get dressed to head to the bathroom... Or having to wait 25 miles until then next rest stop... It's the little things that you really start to miss... I actually miss having to do housework... LOL! I think in a way it was therapeutic for me... I would wash dishes when I was frustrated or angry... Those pots would SHINE .. LOL!

I sure do hope the $$ starts being more than paycheck to paycheck, and even then not catching all the bills. At times I almost wish we had just sold everything to pay off everything so we could start fresh... But I guess we are so ingrained to need our STUFF... Sigh... Yep that's about all I can do right now is sigh...

Well by for now, and I will try to think of only GOOD things and pull myself out of this funk... Not easy sometimes though...

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Fleet

Well the new fleet has started, and we are getting slipped into a routine... I think. The first week and a half was harsh miles wise, but the head DM (she) seems to be trying to make it right. So for now we will go with the flow. This last weekend though, if I wasn't getting over a cold I probably would have complained. There was to much time on it... What that means is that we got to were we needed to be, then had to sit... Gary got a 34 out of it, and I would have by now, but we moved to where we didn't have to pay for parking, and got WiFi... Down loaded a BUNCH on their bandwidth for $5. I should get mine by it's my turn to drive though.

Man getting a cold out here sucks! Can't take the types of meds you can at home, because THEY make you sleep... Mr. DOT doesn't like us taking those types of things. So it's been zinc, warm broth, saline rinses and thanks to the time on this load... REST... Still have the last little bit of it, but no lingering cough. It never got into my chest (thank you LORD!).

Well we are back rolling and will be delivering this load, then picking a short 350 mile one to basically pay our DH miles, then the last preset sends us back to AZ... For our next run out :) Still not the 5000 miles per week we are looking for, but better than what we were getting!

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Fleet

Not quite a week now with this 'new' fleet... Not real impressed... I sure hope things improve. Gary is like 'at least she is keeping us moving' ... But the miles are not adding up... Waiting to be loaded/unloaded eats up our rolling time... SIGH... So not sure how things will work out for this weekend. We will give it/her another week, if things don't start improving we will look for another dedicated fleet...