Protein and why it is SO important!

This page is a work in progress (isn't this whole blog - LOL) - but I want a place where I can collect and compose information I find regarding protein and the importance it plays.  Not only for WLS but also for wound healing and health in general.  So feel free to check back and see what I've collected and posted.  

Best discription I have found yet!! Much better than I could ever do - so if you don't read any of the other links - at least read this one!!

How Protein Helps Weight Loss - this is a study - lots of technical terms :) but some really good info. ***In summary, increasing dietary levels of high quality proteins while reducing carbohydrates appears to be effective for improving changes in body composition during weight loss. The increase in dietary protein resulting in increased plasma levels of leucine is consistent with molecular mechanisms for increased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle and stimulation of the glucose-alanine cycle [8,52]. These changes appear to contribute to a metabolic advantage during weight loss. These findings are consistent with other reports of a metabolic advantage for weight loss associated with diet containing reduced levels of carbohydrates and increased levels of high quality protein [5]. Additional research is needed to determine if the BCAA leucine is the critical factor in defining metabolic roles of dietary amino acids at levels above the minimum intakes defined by the RDA’s.***

Protein Powder Terminology  I need to read this - then I will do a synopsis - he has an excellent site - I've learned a lot from reading his stuff.

Protein and Wound Healing - 1.2 - 2 g protein / Kg recommended for wound healing - more details in the article.

Different types of protein (1) - ezine article discribing different types of protein
Opinion on different types of supplements - information from another blog