Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quite the day today...

First the good thing - Gary has passed his DOT drive test and has an 'official' interim commercial license!!  I knew he could do it!  I'm proud of him ((HUG))

Now for the hard part today - had to take Missy to the SPCA - DAMN I hate doing these types of things.  (now here comes the 'poor me' whine fest - feel free to skip) Why do I always have to do these things... they get left for me to do.  Dogs, cats - doesn't matter - I am the one that does it.  I hurts me too you know... I stayed strong when placing Momma.  I stayed strong when sending Gary off.  I totally lost it today in the truck after dropping Missy off.  I made a PROMISE to the little lady that gave her trust in me to take care of Missy - but it 'had to get done' so guess who gets to do it... me... sigh... So if any of you reading are local - and would like a cat - PLEASE let me know... I didn't make any promises regarding the others - but they are younger and more 'adoptable' out of the home.  I'm hoping Missy will be adopted by a little ol' lady that has no other animals... that would be the ideal... I will keep the thought of that happening... 'happy thoughts'.

So while I'm in the middle of THAT - I get a call from the trainer down in Fontana.  There is a possibility I will go to Fontana to school.  I think that actually might be a good idea.  1) I would be able to stay here in Sac. until the end of Jan. without having to do the house/work and school.  2) They would be able to get me - schooled in 2 weeks instead of 3 (more concentrated program). 3) That would allow me to do more while I'm here, and concentrate on the house... and there is still a LOT of stuff to go through. We might not be able to do it all - and some will just get shoved in boxes for 'later'.  Other stuff will be gone through and just might not be dealt with as it 'should' be, but it will be done to the best of MY ability, and when I'm not here to do it, the rest will be done to the best of Lynn's ability. 

I called about Momma - and it seems like the new medication (ativan) is helping her stay 'calm' in the afternoons.  Yeah its chemical restraint - but it is a good 'care home' and I want to do everything we can to keep her in one place and not have to move her.  That would just add to her confusion!!

Well I guess I better get to studying.  Gary copied his study matterial from his schooling - and if I'm going to do a condensed/accelerated course - I will need all the help I can get!!


  1. My heart goes out to you about Missy - and your Mom. Difficult times.

    Keep us posted on your training. I stand in awe of you as the best I could do was parallel park my Chevy Silverado - and I did that only under duress!

  2. Paula -- haven't talked with you in a while...but I enjoy reading your blog so I hope you can keep it up once you are "on the road" with your newest venture in life! Congrats to Gary for passing, too! So much going on in your life, friend -- hang in there!

  3. @ Annie - Thank you - yeah not easy, but sometimes you just got to do, what you got to do - ya' know what I mean?? :) I will keep up with this - and let you all know how I do. I just hope folks won't get too bored once we get on the road - we when here, then we went here, now we are headed here - LOL!

    @operalover - Oh I plan on keeping this going. One its a great 'release' at times - cathartic you might say... two - I'm having fun doing it :) who knows - someone might get something out of it too - what I have no clue, but something - LOL!