Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today is the day...

Today is the day that I leave everthing that I know and step into the unknown... well except for Gary - I know him - LOL!  He is at the motel already and will be there all weekend... so I'll get to see him before I start my side of this journey. 

I have such a hodge/podge mix of feelings going around and around inside me. Didn't really do much sleeping last night - my mind was WAY to busy.  Guilty for leaving, and leaving what I feel are our responsibilities (Momma) - but I know we covered that/her as much as possible.  Sad for leaving the comfortable routine, the people and the lifestyle I know.  Scared of the unknown and possibilites of failure.  Nervous about the process.  Grateful for friends and family for being there and stepping in when needed/asked!! Excited (yes that is in there too) about new beginnings and adventures.  There is even a bit of guilt for feeling so excited about leaving...

As I type this I am 2 hours away from leaving the house and 4 hours away from leaving Sacramento.  Wish me luck :D


  1. You are in my prayers as you begin this new journey. Enjoy every minute of it, even in the trials.

  2. Praying for you as you begin this journey. Enjoy every minute, even through the trials know that God is there too.

  3. Sweet Paula, I can SO relate to everything you are feeling!! New adventures are always a little out of our comfort zone. We are this close to promising every cent out of this house to a dealer on an RV. The "what ifs" drive me absolutely bonkers!!! No sleep for me as well last night. The good news is that you will be with Gary before long and driving along seeing the countryside!! Don't listen to the what ifs!!! You are a competent and intelligent, strong woman!! Look at all you've done just with the weight, for Pete's sake! You can do this, I just know it! We'll meet somewhere for a group hug!!!!

  4. Wishing you lots of luck! You will be great! Drive it like you own :}