Monday, January 17, 2011

12 days and a wake up

I'm starting to wonder about the bag I got - it is WAY big!!  50" long... how am I going to cart this thing around??  No problem having it in the bunk with me (NSV there!!) - but carrying it from car to checking - baggage claim to hotel - hotel to trainers truck - yikes!!  I'm thinking of rigging up some type of shoulder strap - but not sure how - mmmm love me some challenges - LOL!

The trucker's forum I'm reading has me a bit concerned.  There is a 'horror' story on there about someone and their trainer.  I will be with a trainer for 5 weeks.  The short story is the trainer had some home time - and basically left the trainee in the truck.  Without food, water, facilities - and not 'inviting' him in - but hey he did bring him out a hot dog - grrr!  I know I have a big enough back bone to say 'this is unacceptable' but to even have the possibility of being put in that position!!  I am definately going to make sure I have enough in the bank account for an escape fund.  Thankfully the company HE is driving for, isn't the one I am - but I'm sure there are trainers like this at all companies.  The trainer that Gary has seems to be 'ok' - but I don't think he knows how to talk in a 'normal' tone of voice - he YELLS!!  If what I hear in the background when I do get to talk to Gary - he also listens to his tv/radio the same what - LOUD!!  I am not looking forward to living with someone I don't know for 5 weeks - but I will get by... it will be worth it in the end.

The kids are almost done at the apt (just the kitchen left from what I hear) - and we will start concentrating on the house some more.  I also have a few 'volunteer' things I need to finish up.  I can't wait until its all done and I'm on my way.  Not that I'm looking forward to leaving everything behind, but I want to get on with my plans!  The days are going slow and fast at the same time - just like when we were doing the count down to surgery - LOL!  Both are life changing events.

Well I guess I should stop stalling - and pull out my volunteer computer and get some of THAT done.  This is one thing I will be glad to leave behind - it was good experience, but I'm burnt out!! When you get burnt out you stop caring - and they need someone in this postion that cares.


  1. Paula - I am enjoying reading about your adventures and the exciting and scarey changes coming into your life right now. I hope you will be able to keep up your blog while you are on the road training and when it is all "official" -- it is incredible to me, these changes you are making in your life - you and Gary. Please keep us all posted!

  2. I most definately will! I am enjoying 'blogging' :) I'm still amazed that folks would want to read it - LOL! The transition to a truck driver though - that will be a challenge!! I'm so looking forward to it!