Monday, January 24, 2011

4 days and a wake up...

This week is looking busy!! Busy right now is good though - hopefully it will make the time go faster and make it so I don't 'think' too much.  Did that the other day and started to get a bit melancholy.  Looking at the back yard and thinking about all the stuff I had planned for it.  Now its someone elses to plan.  Same with the inside - now I need to make other 'plans'... its still hard to leave those other dreams behind - so I try not to do too much thinking about that any more.

So tomorrow, I have lunch with #1 sister - last visit to my volunteer job and dropping everything off - my last local delivery for PJ's Bariatrics (at least for now) - then off to work... Wednesday lunch with #2 sister and work - Thursday and Friday double/triple check that I have everything I will need - see if it all fits in the bag I got - see if I'm even able to pick it up and carry it (you think I'm joking?  it's a 50" x 30" duffle) - then work. Then Saturday I'm off... Off my rocker or into the wild blue yonder or both - LOL!  Some of the stuff I'm packing though will be handed off to Gary - such as his 'trucker's' thermos - it actually has the stainless steel insides!  Also some protein for him... Yep I'm bringing my protein powder (less weight than the RTD) and 2 shaker bottles.  Also packing my vitamins!  With all the other chaos I'm going to have to deal with, keeping up on my supplements will be a priority.  I DON'T want to get sick out there!! 

Well off to read the TTR forum - and do some more sample CDL tests (I've been getting 80% so far - aiming for 100% - so on the REAL thing I will pass)... my focus has been changing on to my 'new future' - which is a good thing, but I still (at times) miss my 'old future'. 

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