Friday, April 29, 2011

Going Solo

Well sort of... but more of that in a few...

This story all takes place yesterday - which is still a bit fuzzy for me due to lack of sleep - so bear with me... Woke up early after getting only about 5 hrs of sleep (visited w/friends from TRR Forum) and had mentioned to our DM how I would love to get paid for the time Gary was in 're-orientation' - something everyone HAS to do after training - so she found me a 'short run' to do while Gary was in class.  Dummy me I accepted it - LOL! Now I'm totally freaking out... I do the trip planning and its going to take me a while... I'm to take an empty to Layton (only 40 miles away) and pick up a loaded trailer and take it to Twin Falls Idaho... about 3 hours away.  Doesn't sound too bad.  Then take the trailer once it's unloaded to a drop yard in Burley Idaho (which I pass on the way to my delivery) and bobtail back to the yard to pick up Gary.  In theroy not a bad day run. I'm still worried about time though - the delivery isn't until 2000 - then the drive back and drop - that is really late and Gary would be out of class by that time just sitting at the yard... not fun nor comfortable...

So what we did (since I wouldn't be leaving the yard until 1330) is he completed everything he needed to do for the class except a safety meeting (which we will catch later) and he came with me (my security blanket - if you read my FB statuses - LOL) but basically l did the run on my own.  I hooked up the trailer - did the trip planning and drove it.  However - he did spot me on my backing - and help me find things in the dark..  like the drop yard!!

Of course while I'm doing this run - I'm imagining what it would be like to BE a solo driver - and HAVING to do this without my security blanket in the sleeper... My hat is off to you guys! I am NOT a solo type of person.... Yeah - I think I could do it in a pinch - but I'm SO GLAD I don't have to.  I must admit I have leaned on my co-drivers. First w/my trainer - (but that is what he was there for - to teach me and answer my questions and be there if I needed help) and now my husband (who is doing the same things - plus a few more - wink wink - LOL).

So I'm really glad Gary got out of class early - not only for the company - but the extra set of eyes and brain cells. I did fine with the trip planning - the hooking up of the trailer - driving (even in the snow bobtailing).  I did have to lay down for an hour though on the way back... I don't drive tired!! So by the time I got back to the yard and would have been picking Gary up - it was 0315!!  That's a LONG time to be waiting. However the spotting on my backing was really nice - and finding that darn drop yard!!  It was a dirt lot - in the middle of nowhere... but we found it - LOL!  However doing it alone - would NOT have been fun - and I would have run out of time.  Running out of time would have made it where I would have been parked for 10 hours until I could move again... and Gary would have been waiting that whole time!!

Well I have gotten 5 hours of sleep since getting in the yard - we are now traveling east to IL again - I-80... I'm trying to get our DM to send us south - I would like to get out of this snow/cold - LOL!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nashville, TN

Had the most wonderful time last night!  Got to meet someone that I have only know from on-line (forum and FB).  It was a BLAST!  She showed us around the Opry – and the Opryland Hotel. We had dinner at The Cock of the Walk (a restaurant that is NOT on the West Coast).  Had fried catfish, shrimp and chicken – with cornbread AND hushpuppies – LOL!  I loved playing tourist J this is what we have wanted to do.  On our downtime – see the areas we can’t see from the interstate.  Thank you so much Tammy for helping us do that!
We are trying a new arrangement for the microwave.  It is strapped to the underside of the upper bunk.  It is solid and secure (as far as we can tell without moving – LOL) and we have plenty of room for our feet underneath it.  Just need to be careful putting things in and out of it, since it’s right above our bed – LOL ! Now we have another cabinet we can put stuff in and ‘organize’ J
Just looking back at where Gary and I have gone in just under a month… we started together in Salt Lake City (West Valley actually – but SLC is more recognizable) on 3/25 – here is a Reader’s Digest version of where we have gone…
SLC to Harrisonburg, VA to Fishersville, VA
Stuarts Draft, VA to Ogden, UT
Layton, UT to Reno, NV to Dayton, NV
Stockton, CA to Tacoma, WA
Lynden, WA to Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH to Ridgewood, NY
Palmyra, PA to Ogden, UT
Logan, UT to Englewood, OH
Lima, OH to Brighton, CO
Dodge City, KS to Goodlettsville, TN (where we are right now)
Next stops are Nashville, TN to Denver, CO
Looking back –WOW – we have been to quite a few places – LOL!  All on the highway system though – that’s why it was so nice to get in a ‘4 wheeler’ and see the local sites.  Places that there is NO way we could take the truck.  I’m looking forward to maybe renting a motorcycle someday and touring an area where we park – or even a car – that would work too. Well off to do some reading and maybe even visiting a forum I haven’t been on in quite a while J

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Boy the time is just flying!!  This is really the first time in a while that I haven't been either driving, sleeping or in a moving truck.  Our truck needed service and a few things checked out.  Well one of them was a coolant leak - yep - EGR valve (same thing my trainer's truck had to have worked on).  So I get to sit for about 8 hours in the Cummins waiting room... the good part is they have WiFi - LOL!  So I get to catch up on FB and TTR Forum :) Ok I might even work on some household stuff - but I do actually do that even with the truck moving.  I have to. 

So how do I like it so far?  Some of the rosy glow is starting to fade, but I do think I will like this change in professions.  I don't think I would be able to do it on my own though... thank goodness I don't have to!!  We have been doing the 8/3 team driving pattern - and its nicer not having such a long drive time, but you really have to watch the clock! It keeps the truck rolling though, and that's what we are trying to do.  I'm still enjoying the time with my husband... it really is almost 2 separate rooms, so there is 'alone' time in a way.  Especially when one is driving and the other is in the sleeper.

We FINALLY have a working inverter!!  Woo Hoo!! The shop in SLC either crossed wires or just didn't notice that they were wired wrong - in either case, the shop guy in Henderson took the time to look and talked to us.  Yeah - really like the Henderson Shop!!  Now to some how clean the stink out of the fridge - ewww :(

We also need to really start remembering our protein supplementation.  You get into a 'rut' or 'pattern' of eating.  For us it is nuts or jerky with coffee/tea when driving. (not a super healthy eating pattern - but better than candy!!) When we had the fridge working - I was able to make one meal a day that we shared, and that was when we changed drivers usually.  Now that we have to big inverter working - we will be able to cook a meal, and reheat using the microwave.  THAT will help.  (I think/hope).

Well that's it for now... I want to read the forum some... catch up w/other folk's blogs/lives... thanks for reading :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grand Adventure...

Wow - we are in New York!!  Not New York City - but close.  We went over the Washington Bridge and everything... sucking seat cushions the whole way.  Bridge heights are measured at the curb sometimes and then it arches - needless to say we aimed for those arches!! It's cool though - I can now say I have been in New York :) I would love to be able to sight see - and I'm sure there is a way.  Maybe park in New Jersey and take a bus across.  Sometime anyway.

Well we finally got called to back into a dock - boy am I glad Gary was backing this one up!!
And the Adventure continues!! Next stop - Hersey's in Pennsylvania!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So much to 'blog' about... I think about stuff I want to type about - but I do that while I'm driving.  Now Gary is driving and my mind is a blank - LOL! I do want to send healing thoughts to a friend of mine though - WLS person w/no insurance and a bleeding ulcer - OUCH!! Just reinforces my need for medical insurance of some kind... even though we have been super healthy - stuff happens!! We have been doing great though working as a team.  At times I'm even surprise I'm actually getting paid to do this!!  Then we have a day like Tuesday evening - where we had to chain up in the middle of a snow storm (as if we would put chains on when its NOT snowing - LOL) and go AHH - this is why they pay us!!  That and dealing w/the folks that aren't out here and make decisions on what we need and when we need it - some frustration there - but all in all - yeah, I like it :) Eating wise - eeh - we could do better, but we haven't been too bad.  Its the snack need when driving.  Because we can't really stop each and every time we want/need to eat - it necessitates us eating while driving.  Well if the other is awake - that is fine, they can fix something up.  However, we both work.  One drives a shift while the other 'sleeps' or at least is suppose to.  So we have been resorting to nuts to munch on.  Mixed nuts w/some raisins and dates mixed in... you know the cheap type from Wal Mart - LOL!  1) they aren't carb filled chip type crap 2) the fiber is WONDERFUL!!  No problems there - LOL 3) they are filling - so we don't eat too much.  Now I have been doing dinner - one meal when we swap out - we stop and eat together. I've been using a 'lunch box' cooker. Its 12V and plugs into a cig lighter. It has been working great.  Did up a small pork roast and butternut squash last night.  It also is a bit smaller - so it would cook a single 'normal' meal or two WLS meals perfectly.  Tonight we had left over pork roast diced up in a green salad.  Yes we got the dinner salad at a truck stop... there is 'healthy' food out there - you just have to take the effort to find it.  Well its time for me to hit the rack.. my 'shift' will start at about 4 am... G'night all!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Home Time'

We finally got some 'home time'. It sure was nice to see everyone - and I wish we could have seen more folks.  Its weird though - it was bitter sweet.  Sweet that we got to see everyone - bitter that we didn't have more time. Sweet that we get to see our daughter and her husband enjoy the house that we built BEFORE we passed it on after we died (not many get to do that - LOL), bitter because we are realizing that this really isn't our home any more - its theirs.  That's ok though - life goes on and things change.  I think I'm able to deal with it a bit better because I've moved several times during my growing up period - Gary was born on this  acre of ground, and grew up here - it has always been here for him, and now it's not our/his home any more... kind of unsettling. 

I was able to weigh myself on the 'home' scale - I'm holding at 158.  I'm happy with that.  Gary is now at 220 and that is fully clothed!! 

Well what we wanted to accomplish during this 'home time' we got done.  Gary got the taxes done for both businesses, personal and Momma (ALL day long process!!) and I've gotten the laundry done and the truck straightened up.  I should take some more pictures - its MUCH neater now - LOL!  The clutter really bugs me :) Its Sunday now and we have to leave out of here and head to Stockton CA to pick up a load to Washington.  Its concidered a 'solo' load - (smaller amount of miles w/longer time period) - but swapping for this one allowed us the time together at 'home' yesterday.  THAT was nice.  We need to do something nice to thank our DM :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

So much to do ...

and so little time!!  How we would love to sit and visit - unfortunately we won't be able to do much of that - especially if they can't find someone to take this load for us.  I will be doing my first 'solo' run - Gary will be at the house doing tax stuff - I get to run to Stockton to pick up the load.  HOPEFULLY they will have someone available to pick it up from us in Sac - but I won't hold my breath... not with this company (or for any other probably).  I will instead enjoy the time we do have - and get as much done as possible.  So I'm off the computer for now - and back out to the 'house on wheels' to get it straightened up and out... bye for now...

PS sorry for not 'blogging' much - its almost like being back w/my trainer - the wheels are kept a moving - and its hard to get time to do computer stuff... but I will try to do it some more.  Especially now that we are together and I'm starting to 'play' with that 12v cooker!!