Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playing in each others minds...

It amazes me at times how a like we (Gary and I) think... We see something along the road and one says something about it, and the other is like - that's what I was thinking!! I think it has even gotten more pronounced now that we are living/working in such close proximity.  I must admit - being able to tolorate each other; while living in a walk in closet; was one of my concerns in becoming a truck driver.  We did have a few clashes when we first started and still occasionally bump heads (figuratively and literally - LOL) but nothing major... and usually when we have been running hard and are tired/stressed.  So it would have happened if we were on the road or not.  I am glad we are doing this - finacially - well at least the house hasn't been forclosed on... but because we went 'lease' and have had down/home time, things  could have been better.  Food and weight wise - we are doing 'ok'... still working with the head hunger - because I KNOW I don't need as many calories as what I'm eating - but I LIKE eating - LOL!  So we are doing more salads and veggies - less tortillas with peanutbutter and bananas (yes that was our breakfast of choice for quite a while)... Having a refrigerator and ways of cooking on the truck has been a real blessing!!  I don't think we would have made ANY money if we had to purchase food from the truck stops/restaurants.  You could eat healthy (for the most part) but the cost!!  Of course that's the same thing if we were 'home' - going  out to eat or fast food.

So right now we are heading into Salt Lake City, then heading to Phoenix, AZ and from there Maryland and New Jersey... Still planning on some home time for our Grand's first birthday and depending on how things are there - one of us might go solo while the other deals with some things at the house... Got to make that least payment!!  So any one reading - IF you are thinking of going lease - AND you have family/house etc... think very carefully!!  With hind sight I wish we had stayed company, but we needed the flexability of leasing - so we made the best decicion we could at the time... sigh... and so we roll on :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost rolling again...

Sigh... It's been a long week. Good, in that we got to visit with family... Bad due to the AMOUNT of time we needed to take off and the reason for the home time. I wouldn't have passed up the time with family though. Going to try to have some Miller side visit time before we leave. Gary is just finishing up with the mailing of death certificates; and I'm sure there will be other little details that we will remember once we get back out on the road. Our next scheduled time home is for Eddie's first birthday... We were going to be here a full week, but now not sure how long we will be able to afford... Then winter will be starting... So the next scheduled home time after that will be over Christmas probably. Other than those 'plans' we will be flying by the seat of our pants... LOL!