Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another day down...

It was weird coming home last night - no one was there... tonight will be better - the kids brought their bed stuff and have 'moved in' - well they have started at least.  They will be sleeping there - LOL!
So we are still on track for me starting school February 1st. 

Momma went to the doc today to check out her arm. There is new bone present and it isn't displaced from the last xray - so all is good there.  We are also trying out a new med to see if that helps with her 'anxiety'.  She doesn't do well when there are changes in her routine - or any changes in atmosphere.  So we are trying medication to 'take the edge' off - and see if that helps WITHOUT making her SO out of it that it would make matters worse.  Its a fine line - and medicine isn't an exact science.  Getting her settled and making sure everything is set for her is the ONLY thing I can see that might delay my schooling.  I will not leave this on Lynn/Morgan/Rene's shoulders.  I don't think Gary would want me too either, even if it meant me not teaming with him as soon as planned.

The business is taking a bit of a back seat I'm afraid.  1) I'm just not able to promote it.  2) I was so late with a shipment - I did overnight service.  Yeah THAT cost more than what the customer paid TOTAL!! 3) I have been SO busy getting the kids moved in/Gary off to training/making sure Momma is set - adding one more thing (the business) just isn't possible.  I'm meeting w/someone to go over my 'volunteer' stuff - and STILL need to go to the bank to get signature cards for Convention!!  ARG!

It is good though to stay buzy - I just hope I can get everything straighten/ready for when I do leave.  That there won't be a BIG thing I've forgotten. I will cross that bridge when I come to it though (another one of my Dad's sayings!!)

Well I'm at work now - I sure will miss the people here too.  I've been here for 13 YEARS!!  I've watched this family grow up.  The little one - I occasionally let his Mom take care of him - LOL!  Sigh... life does move on.

Funny thing about all of this - Lynn would 'joke' with us about taking care of 'her' house, since it would be her's some day - well its going to be - LOL!  The nice thing is - we are alive to see her (and her new family) enjoy it!! That is a GREAT thing!!

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