Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Wow - has it really been this long since I've blogged... time all kinda mushes together... and one day is so similar to the next.  Although today is Halloween and I'm going as a truck driver - LOL!  Well I guess I have to, since today was the last day to renew my license as a nurse.  So I guess this is it, unless I want to redo some training or something... not sure how I would go about renewing my license once it laps - but hopefully I won't need to find out!  It was over $100 and I hadn't done any CEU's - which would have cost $$ - and time... so I'm now a 'use to be' nurse and now I 'am' a truck driver :)

Past three days we have been to three different dealers and an alignment shop... 1) just to get a clearence light - our truck is 'special' and doesn't take OTC lights.  2) checking out some 'codes' that have popped up - that was covered with our warentee - because there was some 'electrical' stuff causing the codes. 3) front steer tires w/outside wear and a vibration - dealership didn't have an alignment rack, but gave us a name of a local one... so $220 later a 3 axle alignment - not too shabby... and we will still be on-time for our next load. 

Well - off to take a nap/rest - have a run up to Chicago today/tonight - and this load is 'time sensitive'... which means driving through the night without 'nap' times - LOL!  Yep - night driving I take 'naps', usually about 20 minute 'power' naps - they let me go for another 2 hours. 

The bigger fridge is working out ok - but it is a bit more wobbly... I don't dare open it while the truck is in motion... EVERYTHING would shake out of it... and has - LOL!  We have been able to have icecream (no sugar added) - however with that setting it freezes our lettuce - sigh...  Oh and we got a couple cases of free bananas - we were able to give them away, but kept a couple bunches... the only thing is they all get ripe at the same time and there are only so many ways to have bananas in a truck... and there is only so much (with the WLS) that we can eat at one time... but they sure do taste good :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Family and Friends...

I am so grateful for them!!  Today my MIL is needing to go to see her Dr. for her yearly check up... normally that wouldn't be too much of a problem - just parking downtown type of stuff right?  Well there is a bit more challenge than that with her.  Its call Alzheimer's... Also we aren't there to help - right now we are in Northern Florida on our way to a delivery and looking at sitting there for almost 24 hours (but that is another story - grrr). So instead my daughter and a very good friend is doing what I feel like is 'my duty'... taking Momma to the doc.  Guilt, guilt, guilt... yep that's what I'm feeling - no its not rational - but its there.  We are doing what we HAVE to do.  I try to make the best of it (what else is there, besides pissing and moaning) but at times like this it really isn't 'fun'. 

I try not to look at all that we have lost/given up but sometimes it just hits ya' right square in the eye...  well enough of this for now - pulling into another truckstop near our delivery - get to wait out the day/night here until we can get rid of this load tomorrow morning... and there is only so much to do in a walk in closet... sigh...

Friday, October 14, 2011


You either laugh or cry... well maybe not that extreme, but you can either go with the flow or get ground up on the rocks of frustration... I'm trying to go with the flow - because there isn't much I can do to change what is happening right now.  We had the chance to 'drop' the load we just delivered, but since we/I felt a cold coming on, wanted the chance to 'take it easy' for a nigbt - "careful what you wish for" comes to mind here.  So we get to our delivery - and we wait, and wait and wait... we end up getting 1.5 hrs detention (which starts 2 hours after our appt. time)... then we head to our next load - we didn't have an appt time, just told to head in... so we are 15 minutes away and get an updated appt time - for over 12 HOURS away!!  OMG!!  So this is where we 'go with the flow' or 'get totally frustrated' - I'm trying to 'stay calm' and Gary is FUMING... of course to make matters just SO much better - we are waiting in line at a 'Blue Beacon' (truck wash) and there are over 5 trucks in front of us - talk about waiting... (it's been 45 minutes already)

So - if there are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason - what reason can my tiny little mind think this waiting and frustration is for... to learn patience??  Maybe to teach patience... either way its a struggle... One of my favorite prayers (and it really does work - at least for me) is "God grant me patience - and I want it RIGHT NOW!!" - LOL!

Of course during all of this 'frustration' and while we are driving on a bumpy, underconstruction road - I realize I didn't put the strap on the refridgerater door again... and the door - yes it comes open - and there goes all of our groceries onto the floor... thank goodness we didn't have many of them, however I will miss the cherry tomatoes... and boy do they roll ALL over the place!! (they also spray seeds everywhere when you step on them)

So yeah - trucking can be 'fun' but there are also parts of it that rruely frustrate us...

Thanks for reading my rant :)

PS - just as I was going to hit 'post' the computer shuts it's self down to 'update' - thank goodness it/blogger automatically saves 'drafts' - or I would have had a bunch more typing to do - LOL!

Monday, October 10, 2011

What are we doing now...

Well this is cut and pasted from a 'Trucker's Forum' we are on:


Well we made it over the hill - and on our way to Hershey, PA we repowered a solo load.  That was kind of and interesting one. He was heading the same way we were, but would not have the hours or time to deliver his load.  So we picked it up from him, and he hooked on to our PA load.  We delivered his in IA and then met him back up in IA (50 miles back - since that is where he ran out of time for that day) and picked our original load back up and then TRIED to deliver it in PA.  When I say tried, yes we did deliver it, but it was a confusing mess.  The address they had us go to the first time, was the address on the bills, but they refused it.  They said it was to go to the D/C - went to the D/C and they said it was to go to the original address... ARG!!  Finally they said to just leave it at the D/C and they would straighten it out on Monday (don't ya just LOVE weekends!!) So we met up with Celtic Wolf on our way out there - great to met and talk with folks you only have had a chance to read.  Didn't get a load until Sunday 30 minutes until it was to be picked up 150 miles away!! So we get there - when they said they would be closing - and not only got in, but had to take it back to get it reworked.  All of that for a 317 mile load - but hey, better than dead heading - LOL!  Now we are watching the 'truck stop' show after delivering our load. The impatience and rudeness really shouldn't surprise me, but DA##!  Not really looking forward to having to get out and deal with this mess, but we need to fuel.  So that brings you up to date on what we've been doing... We are planning on staying out until Nov (Thanksgiving) and taking an extended home time (10 days!!) - I can't wait!!

Reading and communicating on the forum (for me at least - Gary likes his FB games) is a good distraction from the 'waiting' we have to do some times... One thing we were hoping to do while we were 'out on the road' is to go to some of the 'Church of Christ's that were in the same 'group' as the one we went to in Sacramento... however that hasn't come to pass.  So we thought - Mmm they have the 'Church in a Truck Stop' chapels, but we still haven't made it to one of those... So instead we have found our solution.   My nephew has founded/seeded a new church.  Its called 'The Garden City Church'.  He has been a 'Preacher/Minister/Teacher' - (what ever name you want to give the position) - for several years at other churchs.  He was 'called' to start/seed this church, and puts his 'lessons/sermons' on pod casts.  THIS way - when Gary and I have time (and now we are 'making time') to listen to them, we are.  We don't get the social aspect of the church, or the communion, but we get the words and the message.  We were so missing that!!  It had been quite a while for us, what with (long list of excusses) - we can now 'go to church' - even if its in the front seat of our truck :D

PS - got the bigger fridge and its working pretty good - however it might have worked TOO good and froze the celery -sigh - but we did get the carrots and snap peas :)