Tuesday, January 18, 2011

11 days and a wake up...

Trying to get the little details tied up - and still have some bigger ones to do.  Worked on getting our fax number working (one that someone faxes to and it automatically sends a PDF file of it to your e-mail) I think we got that running (crossing fingers).  Trying to figure out where the insurance paperwork that Gary sent has ended up - there is a time limit on getting THAT turned back in. Had to send in a claim for my phone - puppy thought it was a chew toy... not too much outside damage, but the battery won't keep a charge now and 'card' isn't registering... so turned it in on insurance and should get my 'replacement' tomorrow.  NEED a phone for OTR!! Just to text Hubby if nothing else - LOL!  Went to the bank and got all the signature stuff for my volunteer job - now to write up instructions on how to take care of them (since I won't be there).  I would like to do a thourough vacuum of the room today... cat litter is scattered and the little 'sweeper' just isn't cutting it... also get to my old desk and finish cleaning that off... so anyway - you get the picture - little stuff that takes time... plus I only have 70 minutes to do it in before I head to work - LOL!  And what am I doing instead - BLOGGING <grin> Oh and making sure I took pictures of Lynn and Morgan's first gift for the baby (Firefly)... Grandpa was tickled pink that at the 'company store' there was a onesie... and it says 'Precious Cargo' with the Central logo on it... so needless to say, he just 'had to get it' <big grin> I'm glad he did!!

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