Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know - it sounds corney - but 'he completes me' is the best I can discribe my feeling right now. We are in the motel room, both on the little ity bity table - playing on our respective computers - eating rolled up pastrami and swiss cheese - a mess spread out on the bed of stuff to take and save for 'our' truck - and I feel 'at home'.  I know tomorrow will start my educational process and I'm looking forward to it. Gary will be going back with his trainer and finish up his training (he has about a week left).  Do I miss Sac and the folks there - yes I do - but I know this is a natural progression... moving on to something else. 

In this 'new adventure' we did some walking this  morning.  Went into this 'mexican' store - regular grocery store, but almost everything also had spanish translations, spanish music, and spanish foods... found this powdered sugar free (aspartame free) drink mix that wasn't what is normally carried in the stores I would normally frequent. (Raley's Safeway etc) its called Klass and it tastes really good!!  Not the normal lemonade, ice tea stuff either.  We got the Pina (pineapple) and the Melon (cantelope) - such a nice change!!  Just the start of the 'new' things I'm looking forward to finding.  Well new for me that is - LOL!

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