Monday, January 31, 2011

Day one done...

First day of 'school' is done and over with... LOTS of paperwork and studying.  SO glad Gary copied some of his study stuff, so I could study BEFORE I got down here... if I was going into this cold there would have been a bunch more wrong answers - LOL!  So out of 85 questions I missed 4 (ish) - LOL - the ish is that one of the questions had 2 right answers, but only one of them will be on the DMV test.  So with the missed 4 I got a 94% - I'll take it :)  Speaking of cold though - the room finally got to a comfortable 71 degrees - and the 'instructor' turned it down to 69!! All that cold air went to the floor and my feet FROZE!!  At the motel - they have the hot water in the shower set so it will only get 'warm' - (to decrease the time folks are in the shower probably) - so my loving husband took the ice bucket and filled HOT water from the sink and poured it in to the tub for me - so I could warm my feet - and you guys wondered why I love him - LOL!  Oh - and his trainer has his truck in the shop, so I get him for another day!!  Woo Hoo!! It is an unexpected blessing <3  Tomorrow is more studying and practice testing - to be ready for Wednesday when we go to the DMV to take the test for our permits... Not sure what we will do on Thursday - but Friday its out to the range to actually touch a real truck - LOL - did I say that with enough aw??  Well tonight I'm going to go to the DMV website and take a couple sample tests for my C and M1 - I don't want to loose my M1 !!


  1. SO very cool!! I just know you guys will have a ball on your new adventure!!
    We talked with the real estate agent this AM ....everything is progressing, but we are impatient and Grumpy is being well....Grumpy about it! LOL!!