Monday, September 24, 2012

What a ride!!

Whew... This has been and continues to be quite a ride! It was nice while we were running, and we had actually paid off a CC and almost another... Then there were homes times, and repairs at home... Then there were break downs and added expenses... Talk about a roller coaster!! Trough it all though, there has been one constant... My Faith and my Husband.  I am so very glad I'm not on this ride on my own.  I have Faith that all these bumps and pit falls are in our way for a reason.  Maybe to teach patience? Or to make us lean on him? Or maybe to get us to appreciate what we HAVE already, and to realize just what is important in life.  Family, friends, health, joy, laughter, beauty in the little things... Things you can't get with money...

Then there is my husband... Who  not only is my other half, he is my rock and soft place to fall.  During this adventure ride, we have been this for each other.  I can't picture myself doing this without him, or being separated from him while he's out on the road, and me being at the house. He tempers me, and I spur him on.  It's a good mix :)

So the plan right now is to get this truck (which is now running at this time) into SLC for either repairs, or to get a new truck.  Not sure which way we want to go... If we get a new truck, then there will be a fresh warrantee, but bugs to be worked out... With this truck, there weren't any serious bugs, but we can't afford any more down time. Or we get a loaner truck (which isn't 'home') and run while this truck is in the shop... Then get this one back, but the miles on it means the warrantees are going to start falling off... If we do the new truck, that means a new three year commitment. Yeah sure, we 'can' get out of it, but that's not us... If we commit, we do everything possible to stick with it, even to our detriment sometimes! So on our way to SLC doing a lot of praying and talking... Not sure which way we want to go... Not sure what options will be on the table either.

Well, I guess we better get moving... Need to get the trailer washed out, then over to our pick up... Bye for now :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lord... Seriously??

Just how much are you going to send our way? What is it we are not getting? We are doing the best we can, working as hard as we can... And even pushing ourselves further than we should at times!  I'm placing it all in your hands right now... It is too much for us...  HELP!!

Ok... I'm feeling better... Thanks...

LOL... Sigh...

And the adventure continues... Now our fuel gauge isn't working... Ask me how I know... Go on, ask... Because it says we have 3/4 full and they are bone dry!! We are sitting along the road waiting on a service truck for fuel and to prime it!! Sigh... There goes another chunk of change... But it will get us free showers at a TA of our choice!! LOL!! 

P.S.  Running out of fuel is something you are suppose to say happened to get out of being late on curfew... Not to actually DO it!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road blocks...

No not literally, but boy have we stumbled across some recently!

First, on our FIRST load with the new fleet, our truck developed a really not so nice problem... Fluids were going where they didn't belong.  Coolant in the fuel, and fuel in the coolant... Second, the nearest place is the same one that kept us with the power steering repair (which still isn't working quite right) and I swore that we would NEVER go back there... (never say never...sigh) So it takes them a week to fix it, and we are at the house... Finally pick up our truck, loading it with our food/clothes and stuff and notice some fuel in our coolant, and coolant in our fuel again!! We are HOT... We take the truck BACK in and they say that we will need to run the truck to clean out the coolant from the fuel, and the fuel we see in the coolant is just the 'flush'... GRRR... Ok ... We will 'trust' you... So we get our load and take off... Whew! Back on the road... Doing good!! Get to our delivery, and then we sit.... We are picking up in the same place, but because they took so long to unload us, we are now late for our pick up! Didn't get out of there until 8 hrs PASSED our pick up time... So needless to say we were going to be late to our delivery... Then to make us even later... We develope a fuel leak!!  We were having to drain the fuel filters to clear them of the coolant (like they told us to do) and because of that one of the gaskets gave way... Didn't notice it until after three hours of driving I had to pee... Got out, smelled diesel but I stopped at a truck stop, thought nothing of it... Got back to the truck and there was a BIG ASS PUDDLE of fuel dripping from the complete underside of the truck!! So needless to say, that needed to get fixed... So after a tow, part running and labor costs (about $900+) we lost a day running... N Ow we are in So. Cal and delivered and picking up at the same building... Then back up to Rocklin... So yeah... A few road blocks, but we jumped over them and are still going... I must admit, one of the nice things (so far) about this new run... No dead head miles for this loop!! Now to see how that looks on the statement ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Down, but not out!

Seriously??  I mean really??

We just got assigned a new fleet - the circut one that will bring us home weekly - and how do we start out?  By having to put our truck in the shop!! OMG - what a way to make a first impression...

So we had time off for our Grand's first birthday, that was extended due to the shop we took our truck to; and guess where we had to take our truck THIS time??  Yep - same place I vowed to never take the truck to again... sigh... So Friday we took it in - found out it would be at LEAST Wednesday until we got it back (holiday weekend and all) - and if we don't have it back then, we just might miss out on another run east and back.

There is also a bunch of 'short timers' attitude here at home. The kids are excited (and rightly so) about their new home. With plans and dreams.  We are making plans on how to keep our home and are looking forward to being able to be here weekly; and maintaining, cleaning and just being the way we want it. The kids are right - it just wasn't working out the way it was before.  Different focuses and priorities.

So send prayers that they get the truck all put back together and running tomorrow, so we can go get an empty trailer and be ready for Friday!!  Please let there be a load as well! If not - we will be in some serious deep doo doo...