Saturday, January 15, 2011

God is good!!

Man does he know JUST what you need... either a 2x4 across the head or being able to see the face of a loved one.  We've had enough of the 2x4 treatment - so now he is giving us the face of a loved one.  Gary has been out on the road, or at least not here for 2 weeks... for me that almost seems a life time (yeah that's an exageration, but still)!! So they (Gary and his trainer Mike) got a load from SLC to Sparks, NV.  I was all ready to make the drive up there (3 hours) just to see his smiling face - but instead they got a load from there to Stockton, CA.  Which means he can just swing by <happy dancing>... thankfully his trainer is a good one (at least a nice one) and they are going to be able to stop, have dinner, do some laundry - AHHHH - I am one happy girl tonight!  I know that it will still be a long time until I see him again after this, but with Skype and text messages - at least I've been able to sort of know what is happening in his life, and him in mine.  That has really helped compared to 20+ years ago.  When I got a phone call MAYBE every 2-3 days. 

The packing/cleaning out is getting less painful.  Just another step in our lives.  I just hope that when Gary and I do finally get off the road - that I didn't 'clean' too much out.  Its hard because I don't know everything that Gary wanted to keep, but there is so much 'stuff' from his childhood and papers from his parents and brothers.  Both brothers have been here - and neither expressed any interest in the 'stuff' - or they took what they had interest in.  So Lynn/Morgan and I have been doing the best we can.  The other day I was going through my books... now keep in mind I have about 800+ paperbacks.  I have read every single one of them, and some more than once.  They were like my special things... I really don't have many things that are just mine - but those were.  So I had to 'thin' them.  Thank goodness Lynn is ok with keeping some in the book case, but then some of them, she wants to read too :) So all in all I think we are doing OK with all the 'stuff' - both his and mine. 

The kids gave me an e-book type thing for Christmas - that way I can get books on the road, and have room for them - now to just figure out how to get books on it - and have time to read them - LOL!  I have a book that I read before.  Took me MAYBE a week before - now its been over 3 weeks!!  Yeah I've been busy doing other things - ya' think??

I finally got through the study guide Gary copied for me. Now to 'review' it and start on the PTI - (pre trip inspection) - that is one of the things they test on - that and the break check - two BIGGIES.  Oh and lets not forget in all this testing - I will need to take the regular class C and my M again - LOL!

Well they will be here in about 2 and a half hours out (if nothing delays them) - I still work night shift tonight, but that will still give me a couple hours with him.  I am so looking forward to that first hug...... <daydreaming now> .....

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