Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day two...

This is cut and pasted from a 'Trucker's Forum' I'm on, and I'm keeping them informed as to what we are doing in 'our thread'...

Well today - Gary headed back to the yard to wait for his trainer - the trainers truck got signed off and now they have a load that picks up in Riverside and go to Bakersfield then Delano to WI... by his calculations he has about 2500 +/- miles to go until he can upgrade.  He won't be able to be on as much - because I swiped the MiFi - LOL!  Bills - ya' need it to pay bills!! Feeling sorry for him though - stuck at the yard in the trainers truck - trainer is snoring and he is board silly... sorry Honey!!

For me - practice test after practice test!!  I know why they do it that way - repetition - memorization of the answers to questions - I'm just frustrated that at time I don't know WHY I'm answering the way I am... sigh... Toward the end though I was getting 100%s on the practice tests so I feel OK heading in to the 'real' test tomorrow... just need to brush up on my C and M1 - taking those too.

Well since my 'roommate' (Gary) isn't here - getting a new roommate for tonight - what's cool is she is also on TTF!!  So I can add a new name to the bottom of my signature - Woo Hoo!! She is doing the 'orientation' now - already having done her schooling.  <color me green w/envy - LOL> Well I'm going to read a few threads, fix some dinner, read up on my M1 (they had a C study guide at school) then hit the sack... Yeah I know I won't see Klingon for almost two months now - but its for a good cause. 

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