Friday, October 1, 2010

Glad I did it...

Well I'm glad I went.  Yes I went to the support group - Gary made me (ya' I'll blame it on him - love ya' Honey!) - but it was a good choice.  Not only did I get some face to face support (which is different than electronic support - which is what I usually get - and is good in its own way) but I have a new direction to look for customers and one of the ladies there said she was going to 'check out' my website.  I try not to get too excited about that - others have been ALL EXCITED and said YES YOU SHOULD GET THAT, I'LL ORDER IT FROM YOU... well I got it - its still in the store... I risked it though, because another actually followed through with the request... sigh... live and learn :) Another thing I learned - I need to remember what my prices are - LOL - you know how bad it looks that the OWNER of the store when asked can't tell you how much one bag of chips are or a tube of protein?  LOL - I felt like such a dweeb <laughing at self>

Oh and sleep is a miracle medication!! And a husband that says - go back to bed, I got this - is an ANGEL!! Its amazing how much sleep really seems to affect my outlook on life itself.  Not that any circumstances have changed - they haven't - but they don't feel as dire as when I don't have sleep.  That feels nice!!

I'm at the lowest weight I can remember - I'm sure I was around here in Jr. High - but I have no clue what number that is.  The Doc's goal for me was 180 - I was thinking 170 - I am now 162 - I still feel good, I feel healthy - so I'm not THAT concerned about being at this 'number' - I just don't want to get obsessed with getting lower and lower... I don't know how low is TOO low... I have such a hard time realizing what my REAL size is.  Body dismorphia I think its called... yeah I think I have some of that.  From what I've read though, its pretty common among everyone.  If you are fat, you don't realize just HOW fat you are, and if you are thin, you don't realize just HOW thin you are.  I still get amazed when I'm folding clothes and pick up my pants to put them away - "can I really FIT into these??" It still blows my mind!! 

Well enough for now - since Gary let me sleep in my usual morning routine is all catywompus and it's 11am now - got to leave for work at 2pm and all I've done so far is have my morning protein (2 scoops in some coffee) and jot down stuff in this new 'blog'. **cool thing about the BLOG - I even have 'followers' now!!  And folks have 'commented' - that means people have actually READ this :)** I'll be back later...

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