Saturday, October 9, 2010

Support Meeting

I went to another support meeting - I had gone once before 2 months ago when I JUST started my business... larger group of folk and quite a few bandsters - which is cool!  I did a protein tasting which seemed to stir some interest and it was fun to share.  I'm really liking this person to person stuff - which is a good thing right?  I just wish I could spend more time with Gary - or that he can come with me - to be able to 1) get some support outside of me and 2) get to share the male point of view.  There were a couple guys there - which is really nice to see - but I've noticed that support groups (either cyber or in person) tend to be mostly female.  I don't know if more females than males are getting surgery - just thought that was interesting.  Well I'm at my paying job right now - so I guess I should get to it - LOL!  Just thought I would jot down how it went... I think I will try to make this meeting one of the steady ones I go to - mostly because its on a Saturday and I don't have to take off work for it... :) but the people are pretty nice too.

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