Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Plans

Fall back regroup - new plans for the day...

Well at first we were going to go pick up some firewood.  EXCELLENT price of $50/cord of cherry (from and old orchard) but the guy decided to head out for the weekend sooo there went that plan.  So instead I need to figure out something else 'productive' to do.  I have the day off from my 'real' job so the evening is free... so do I spend it with my husband which is what I would truly WANT to do - or do I go to a support group and make my presence known and remind them I have a protein/supplement business (plus get a little support too).  So personal or business - mmmm - not sure which one will win yet.

Business isn't 'taking off' like I imagined/dreamed it would.  There have been a few customers (THANK YOU GUYS) but of course I was dreaming of being a multi BILLIONaire by now - LOL - JK - but at least a small steady clientele.  I see advertisement and endorsements all over the interaweb/cyberspace and I have envy at seeing THEIR names out there.  I know I'm not big enough yet - nor do I have the supply (or money) to support that type of advertisement.  I have to remember small steps!  What I see out there is what I'm aiming at - what I WILL accomplish.  OK the dream right now - if this is where the road leads (and God only knows if it does) is to someday have a real store front.  A nice one in a busy location - a shopping center maybe?  I would have one area for sales (of course), but I would have a room in there for support meetings (free of charge) to local groups, I would have an area set up so there could be protein samples and drinks sold through out the day.  Maybe a small 'Starbuck' like seating area (with WiFi) so that said folks could enjoy their protein drinks - LOL!  Am I dreaming TOO big?  Am I setting my sights TOO high?  Well when I had surgery I set my sights to being healthy - and at this time I am.  Of meeting the doc's goal and maybe going lower - I did.  So who knows - it just might happen - stranger things have...


  1. If any one can do this you can! Its the nature of the clientèle and the financial state of the country right now. As I have had to do recently with my eyes on the prise, instead of the pie, is to be flexible and know that with out the work and loss of the weight I would not be doing as much and as well as I am now. I at one time never thought I would have a daughter again...I thought my life was over after the loss of my little girl...but along came charming Andrew and then I adopted 2 darling baby girls and a 3rd waiting...actually more girls than I ever dreamed of...I just had to let go and be free to see an alternative to what i thought was the only way to handle things....a stumbling block I put in front of myself frequently! Good luck Paula and the word is out...

  2. Paula,

    Remember that it takes *TIME*. And forget about making money. It will come, but it takes time.

    Strange that I saw this post after I just announced to the world that I'm moving my store to a new location. One of things it will have? A Class Room!

    So to answer your question, no you are NOT dreaming to large!

    Bob Crothers