Monday, October 4, 2010

New Support Group

I went to a new (sort of) support group tonight.  I went to this support group pre-op, but that was 18 months ago (or there abouts)... It was a pretty good support group.  Info from NAWLS (common mistakes made by WLS patients) was used (full credit given) and there was discussion about that info. There was one that came up - 'saying mean and hearless things to yourself' - there was one person that VEHEMENTLY disagreed with that.  They were like - I told myself I was fine and I got FAT, telling myself I'm a FAT PIG is getting me thinner... WOW - I so disagree with that!!  The way I feel is if I wouldn't tell (or call) a child/friend something - then why would I tell/call myself that?  You have to at least TRY to respect yourself as much as you would a friend.  The moderator of the group basicly stood aside and let the comment pass with a blase' 'if that is what works for you' <jaw hanging open!!> I had to put my two cents in - so I said how I felt and left it at that.  I didn't want to create a scene - but please!! I did this surgery to become healthier - not just physically, but mentally as well.  I KNOW I had problems with self esteem and how I pictured myself - I would feel worthless no matter WHAT any one else said - let alone what I told myself.  I feel bad, because how can could I teach my daughter self worth, if I didn't have any of my own?  I do thank God she has turned out as well as she has - and that is HER doing, not me. 

ANYWAY - there were a couple people that seemed supportive of a new business in Sacramento - and I am doing some research about protein for someone there - as well as for myself.  About the different TYPES of proteins.  Whey Isolate/Concentrate/Casine and Collogen - also egg and soy. So on the other page I put up some links to some sites I found with some interesting info. 

Well I'm home now - so I'm going to spend some couch time with the hubby - I really treasure the time when Momma is in bed and I can spend some AWAKE alone time with my husband. Bye for now...

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  1. I find it amazing the different viewpoints people have about surgery, and also I find it amazing how different doctors/hospitals tell people different things in how to take care of themselves post op -- it seems to me all the doctors would be on the same page, but it isn't so. Going back to what they said at the meeting -- people are people -- and some people are just plain ignorant. Anyway...I hope you got to give them some good info, both regarding this issue, and also regarding your business! Good luck Paula!