Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first since surgery

My first what you might ask - my first cold!  ARG!!  Sneezing/runny nose/starting to get stuffed up - yeah starting to feel yucky.  However - I have notice this is the first one since surgery... OMG - I use to get a cold about every 4-6 months and its been 18 months!!  How amazing is that?  Now I don't know if its because I've lost weight, or I'm now religiously taking vitamins.  Maybe its because I'm eating more nutritious foods instead of quantities of foods.  I must admit that my mind is fuzzy and I'm not going to 'lyrically wax on' about the mysteries of my health... just thought it was a wonderful side effect of surgery - IF that's what it is.  Now I'm going to make it though this shift at work - and take some meds when I get home because wouldn't you know it - I have plans tomorrow (on my day off) and I don't want to be sick - LOL!

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