Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life - TMI - Stuff

Well as an update to what is happening in my life... not a whole lot - LOL!  Weight wise - I'm still holding in the mid 160's... I'm happy there.  I would like to have a better pooping schedule (yeah TMI for some) but I'm still working on balancing fluids/fiber and I really think my TOM/hormones play a big part in it.  Speaking of TMI and TOM - I have a feeling I'm heading to the 'change' - no TOM for the last couple months.  Also NO I'm not pregnant - LOL!

Hosted the 'Gather' last weekend - smaller than I expected - WAY smaller - LOL - but with the economy, traveling and I just haven't been putting in too much of a presence on the forums recently.  Those that came though - I'm REALLY am glad you made it!! (even those that came on Friday and Sunday - LOL) I enjoyed the food and friendship and look forward to getting together outside of a 'gather'.

Still needing prayers though - Gary has been working SO hard... but it takes time to put in bids and WAIT for answers... the waiting SUCKS!!  Bureaucracy works SLOWLY though... and in triplicate - LOL!!  We are also waiting for Momma's social worker to contact us - again that is a wait - 3 to 4 month wait!!  Grrrr!!  So at this point I'm looking around  the house and property thinking - Mmmm I wonder if we could sell that? How much would we get? Would it be worth it?  Would we regret it? If we don't - would we regret it more?  This is where the trust in God comes in - that he will 'provide' - not by gifting it (such as a lottery ticket - although I wouldn't toss it away - LOL) but by giving us ideas of the direction we need to go... such as the businesses.  Providing us with opportunities to provide for ourselves.  Directing our thoughts (if we listen)... I must admit - that is one thing I do miss... going to church.  (there is no way we could take Momma - and I would want to go w/Gary) Not so much the church we use to go to - but the reading and contemplation of the Bible and the words within.  I guess more of a Bible Study w/communion :) I don't seem to do well studying on my own - there is always 'other' things I find myself doing... Maybe I need to start putting THAT first - or at least try it for a while.


  1. I totally understand the having trouble studying on my own. I do have my daily word come into my in-box with commentary and I do bible study with Holly, but when we miss a Sunday I feel off for the remainder of the week. I pray that you can remain to have the patience waiting upon God for the answers that you need. I also am praying that you can grow in your relationship with God even while missing church. Some chaplain services may be willing to come to your home to do communion. You might look into it. That is a vital part of our worship. (HUGS)

  2. I know you work evenings but if you ever have a Tuesday night free, you're welcome to join me at my church's ladies bible study. We're doing a study now called Experiencing God and it focuses a lot on what you've blogged about lately in regards to listening, hearing, etc. And of course you could always join me, Steve, Rhonda, and Dennis at our church on Sundays.

  3. @ Joann - thank you <3 I will gladly take all the prayers you would like to send ((HUG)) I'll think about the Chaplin service - it would need to be free - LOL - and I don't know if they would do it for free :)

    @ Amanda - I will remember Tuesdays! Its not to often I get any weekday evenings free though. However the Sunday - Gary and I should be starting to get at least one Sunday a month where we can 'go out' together - Church w/friends sounds REALLY good!!