Friday, October 29, 2010

WOW - Shocker!!

Wow - shocker - there are good people in the world!!  OK, so not too much of a shock there - but here is the story:

I made a sale of several cases of RTD protein. A check was written and I deposited it via on-line scanner (neat thing - don't even have to leave home!! Wish I had remembered that later..) I didn't notice until reconciling my account that the full handwritten amount wasn't written down, so the check didn't clear.  Standard practice - no problem except that I was going to use that $$ to order more product.  Basically right now - when I sell anything - I have to turn around and order what I just sold.  I just don't/didn't have the capitol to put into a 'stock' of merchandise for it to just sit there. (although some has - I guessed wrong on what would sell - but hey I'm buying it from myself :) Now to return to the story - - - I contacted the person and they sent out a replacement check right away. (Another example of great people) Well I didn't deposit it from home like the other - I had it in my wallet to deposit later at the bank (I wanted it to be available right away - no pending) That was last Sunday - when Lynn and Morgan watched my MIL so Gary and I could get away for the day.  Well I decided I would deposit it when we got back - so I still had it in my wallet when we visited the wharf in SF... well when I took my wallet out to pay for the fried calamari - you got it - I lost the check!!  It was windy and there it went... GRRR!!  I was SO ticked at myself... it was $200+ and that is a HUGE chunk of change for me right now.  So I called the person that sent the check - told them my story - apologising profusely for losing the check and could you please put a stop payment on it and take what ever the bank charges and a touch more out for all this hassle and send me a new one.  Well I haven't recieved that 'new one' yet, but what did I get in the mail today??? The check that I lost!!  WOW!! It was in an emvelope post marked in Oakland (tourist maybe? I seriously doubt it floated/flew to Oakland) with no return address.  So I can't even sent a THANK YOU!!  I am so impressed that someone would take the time to mail the check back to me... how cool is that?  Now I have a call out to the original check writer with the question - did you stop payment on that last check??  Oh my - what a comedy of errors, but WOW - THANK YOU to whom ever it was that mailed it back to me!!

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