Friday, October 29, 2010

Depression and Vitamin Deficiencies

HERE is a link to where I got my info - I also posted it on my WLS links page.

Reading this it makes me wonder if that is what is causing some of my occasional 'depression'.  Maybe not, because its not a consistent 'depression', but more cyclical (hormones?) - but they might play a part in it.  I've contacted my PCP to see if she could order our labs for us.  Our new insurance doesn't recognize WLS - plus its a 'prior' condition - so no coverage - Grrr!!  THANK GOD (knocking on anything handy) we haven't had any complications NEEDING a doctor re: our WLS... but that also means no rechecks with our surgeon.  I'm not too broken up about that though - we haven't see 'her' since our one week post op.  Its always been someone else in her office - its just the labs really - so if I can get the request from the PCP (and not referencing that its for WLS lab check up) that would be WONDERFUL!!


  1. I have been struggling with the same issues. I know it is vitamin stuff. If I could just get my primary to run the right stuff. They still didn't this last time. I am boosting my iron cause it's low and I have set a timer on my phone to remind me of my vitamins.

  2. I'm grateful for my PCP - she will run labs I ask for - such as ferratin. Early out I read about ferritin and I'm glad I did. It was on the low side of normal and heading downward. I started taking iron - and it has SLOWLY gone up - but if you aren't proactive and go after the care you need - most docs won't pursue the issue. Good idea about the phone alarm - figure we never let those things our of our reach any more - LOL!