Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today we are suppose to go get some firewood - at least that is the plan right now.  We have to wait until Momma does her morning constitutional (wouldn't want to deal with that on the road) then we will be off to plunder a pile of firewood.  Craig's List - Gary has been cruising it and found a guy that had some cherry wood (from a torn up orchard) dumped on his property - he is selling it for $50/cord - that is a GOOD price for firewood!!  So that is the plan today - go load up the trailer with some cherry wood - to feed our wood burning stove for the winter. Last year we were able to do most of our heat with 1.5 cords and kept it up to 80* sometimes - and with loosing all the weight - that warmth feels GOOD!!!

Maybe because there is a 'plan' today - or maybe just because - but I'm feeling a bit less blah this morning.  Still a lot of $$ concerns, I don't picture THAT going away any time soon, unless we win the lottery - but then again, I don't want to spend the $1 on the ticket so I don't think I have much of a chance there - LOL! Heading off to finish my protein coffee (breakfast of .... well maybe not champions, but at least me :) and hooking up the trailer.  TTYL
Here is the truck FULL and the trailer - thank goodness we had the tractor!!

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