Saturday, October 2, 2010

Staying motivated

That's a hard one - especially when life is in a downward swing.  I don't have any specific 'tricks' or 'tips' to pass on - just what I do - I fake it until I make it - yep - sometimes just as simple as that.  I might not 'want' to do anything at all - but I make myself get up and do.  Just getting up and doing will get me moving - maybe not in a Woo Hoo type of way - but at least I'm not sitting on the couch shoving food in my face - which is what I use to do BS (Before Surgery).  I still find that is where I gravitate to and have to force myself not to sit there and stare and shovel... not easy!!  So what I'm heading to do now - dragging my hubby along with me - is cleaning the air filters on the FACUs and the septic filter :) fun stuff, but its got to get done - and I can't sit on the couch to do them - LOL!

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