Friday, October 8, 2010

Daddy, Momma and life...

I miss my Dad... woke up this morning and when I came into the office Gary is listening to a post on Facebook - Dolly Parton's song about 'Daddy's Hands' (wonderful song)... well that got me to thinking just how much I miss him!!  What would he say about how I am doing now?  I think he would be happy for me that I have gotten healthy - and that's a good thing.  I would be able to ask him what I should do about our finances... not that he would give direct advice - but he had a way of steering your thinking by asking questions that made you figure out what you already knew you should do.  He also gave the best hugs!!  I miss my Daddy... now to pull up my big girl panties and get on with the rest of my day.

Doing a 12 hr shift today - LONG day!! I feel bad that Gary will have to cover Momma ALL day - it is SO wearing.  She just sucks the life right out of you.  Not anything that she purposely does (not with this disease).  Let me just say right here and now - Alzheimer Disease SUCKS!! Every now and again - she has a glimmer of awareness that her memory isn't really there - then she is gone again.  She is our 88 year old toddler - that can NOT be reasoned with.  Sigh... well got to go pack up my meals for the day - then finish Momma's laundry - then off to work. 

I'm going to a support group tomorrow too - I've gone to it before, so we will see... doing a 'protein tasting'... I didn't get any sales from the last one - nor from any that I've gone to yet... frustrating!!  I've got stuff together so that I can send out samples... we will see how that goes... bye for now...


  1. This is the first time I have been to your blog, Paula and now I know why! I, too, woke up missing my Dad. He was my rock in so many ways. He always made me feel that whatever I did would be the right way to go. Never, in my life, would I have imagined so much stress going on. Lisa also has the dreaded A disease, we are in bankruptsy and had to sell my car and the Harley, my forced retirement (from Fibromyalgia) right when we needed the money the most! Thank God, I have Grumpy, friends and family! Please know that we are right there with you on your journey!! LOVE, Magic

  2. ((HUGS)) to you Magic - it does seem like we are traveling similar paths - the circumstances suck that's for sure - and stress and I are becoming intimate friends/enemies - I just pray we are able to save our house - that is a SERIOUS fear of mine - but if we do, we will survive - at least that is what I tell myself :)