Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Monday

Well I succeeded yesterday in staying out of the Cyber Vortex - LOL - I went through withdrawals, but I did it!!  I did find that I had munchy urges - not sure if that was because I wasn't getting the cyber fix or not - instead I mowed the front lawn - well I would have done it anyway, but the timing was when I was feeling munchy.  I also stayed away from the NSA ice cream (yeah me!!) I didn't stay away from my MIL eatable arraignment though (bad me)... those chocolate covered pieces of fruit called my name.  Strange how the sugar (because I seriously doubt they were SF) in the chocolate didn't drop my BS, but I grab some crackers and BOOM there it goes!! I'm still getting use to this new digestive system. So far though - I would do it again in a heart beat!!

I'm headed to a new support group meeting tonight.  Its sponsored by my surgeons office, so it should be interesting.  I was suppose to be sharing the time with a vitamin rep.  however he had to cancel due to <not sure exactly> I wasn't called by the organizer that my time was canceled so I'm still going. I'm going to be printing up 'introductory' letters and a before/after picture. (I'm going to try to post one at the end of this - first picture IN a blog posting)... I don't know if it does any good - but hey, I'm going to try.  I know my prices aren't SUPER low - so THAT doesn't bring people in.  So I'm trying to provide something else that is unique - FREE DELIVERY (to the greater Sacramento area) - I've been able to do that for a few - but it just doesn't seem to 'draw' the business - sigh... I know - patience Paula (God please grant me patience - and I want it RIGHT NOW!!)

Well Momma is up - eating breakfast.  She actually had a brief moment last night where she realized her memory just wasn't there.  It was a kind of sweet moment - one where I was able to let her know she was not alone, she had her family with her... that was nice.  So we will see what today brings - its a Monday and the beginning of a brand new week...

This is 'before' and was taken in 2003
This was in April 2010 - one year post-op

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