Friday, October 22, 2010

Best intentions...

I have the best intentions in the world to BLOG every day - I even find myself thinking as I drive/ride to and from work - I should post about >-------< and then I get to work, or home and nada, zip, zero - I have completely brain farted everything I wanted to type about - LOL - OK at home I really don't have the time to sit and type - there are SO many other things I SHOULD be doing - that I start multiple things and nothing gets done - LOL!  Then by the time I get to work - I almost don't want to 'think'... I want to mindlessly cruise FaceBook and watch HULU! Am I escaping reality??  You betcha! (LOL - flash to a FB comment-log - but again 'that' is a post for another time that I will probably forget about ;) Why do I have such a hard time following through on thoughts?  Now you know why the blog's name is 'Scattered Thoughts' - LOL... actually I'm escaping doing my 'volunteer' job by blogging.  I 'resigned' from my position (effective 2/2011) - and I have serious short timers attitude.  I really enjoyed doing it - and I think did it well - but I'm done! Funny thing is, I will probably miss doing it after a month or so - LOL.

Ok... I went back to my volunteer job and am  escaping again I'm taking another break... I have no idea what I WAS going to say - so on to another subject.

Gary has a part time job... OK a really small part time job (3-4 hrs/week) but who knows, it might work into something more - AND that will give him time to keep working on his business.  He has been bidding boocoo (lots of) jobs - and if any of them come in it will be WONDERFUL!!  If they ALL come in we will be SO very busy!!  I want at least one of them to come in though.  Not just for the $$ - yeah the $$ would be GREATLY appreciated; but also so that he will know that YES he CAN do this.  He sees the occasional sales I have, and gets frustrated that he isn't selling anything.  Well my protein is a different product - that's for sure - LOL - and his will make more money WHEN it sells.

Well I'm off to watch some HULU and then I will finish with my volunteer job, then chart for my 'real' job... all the while counting the minutes until I get to go home to where my heart is...


  1. Hey Paula -- I can so relate to the "thinking of something and forgetting" so what I've done is I've started carrying around a little notebook with me to jot stuff down to remember - anything that comes to my mind - stuff to do - random thoughts - etc. Works good for me - maybe it might work good for you, too. So you "quit" your day job? Hard decision to make -- but good for you! Hope it all works out and that both of your businesses take off -- will pray that way for sure! I enjoy reading your random thoughts and the blog -- keep up the good work!

  2. Oh no I didn't quit my day job!! My day job I work in the evenings (PM shift) its my 'volunteer' job that I'm resigning from. I still hope the two business take off - but figure the volunteer job took time and didn't pay anything but a feeling of accomplishment... it was time to give it up :)