Sunday, October 31, 2010

Absolutely Nothing...

I feel like I got absolutely nothing done today... I did get Momma's laundry done and made lunch and dinner (with enough left over to eat for DAYS) - so I did do 'something' - just not anything really productive, or anything I 'needed' to do... sigh... Kinda nice, but - feeling a tad on the guilty side as well. 

Its also Halloween tonight - Ba Humbug - we have no carved pumpkin, candy, porch light is out, not getting dressed up - the only concession I made for an Autumn celebration is the pumpkin cheese cake - and that's because I had a boat load (5# block) of cream cheese in the fridge that HAD to get used some how.  I've been that way for a couple years re: the 'Holidays' - I just don't seem to get in the spirit of them.  They are just another day - except for Christmas - that one I do recognize is Jesus' birthday - and I will get little presents for family, but that's about it.  I don't know when I really enjoyed the trappings of the holidays - not so far out from them that's for sure... they have Christmas stuff in the stores already - how $$ oriented is that!! sigh...

So what to do tomorrow - not sure - I 'need' to do SOMETHING productive though - LOL!  There is such a long list of things - its hard to choose just one.  Almost like a Lays potato chip, wait that eat only one - anyway - you get the idea :)

Well both Hubby and I are playing on the computers - side by side in the office - at least until I go to bed - LOL! Off to read my Google Reader - makes keeping up on other folk's blogs a lot easier <thumbs up>

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