Sunday, October 3, 2010

The cyber vortex

No I didn't just realize it - but I'm going to try to resist it (except for right now - LOL) and that is the 'fun stuff' on the computer.  FaceBook, Forums, Games - yep the stuff I sit and mindlessly do ... or at least I can do... then I look up at the time and go 'where has the time gone!!'  Then nothing that I had planned to do got done,  because I got sucked into the cyber vortex.  Now I have been using the excuse that 'its for business' that I'm on the computer so much - and that is partially right - I do get the word out that I'm here, I research for other groups in my area, I try to let folks know what I'm doing - (I see all the other adds and get depressed - LOL) - so yeah, it is partially for business.  However - if I spend SO much time on the 'fun stuff' and don't get other things done - like grocery shopping, yard work, laundry - its almost like being an alcoholic... would that be known as a cyberholic??  Anyway - today I'm telling myself I am staying away from the computer (except for this one blog post and one (and only one) status post) and getting some other things done that need to get done. Wish me luck :)


  1. Being unemployed, I can totally relate to your feelings, Paula....there is so much more I can do that is "productive" with my time than getting sucked into cyper space on the computer. LIke job apps, for example -- :0) Half the battle is the realization, so you are half way to victory! Good luck sweetie! And hats off to you starting your own business -- that is tough to do in this economy, or any time for that matter!

  2. Paula -- how did you get the "tabs" on your blog? That is cool! I have a blog journaling my new running experience (with and cannot figure out how you did this! if you can help, email me at -- thanks sweetie! --meleani

  3. Opera - if you hit the 'design' in the upper right it will come up with tabs at the top that say 'posting', 'comments', etc... hit Posting... then under the tabs you will see 'New Post', 'Edit Post', and 'Edit Pages'... hit the Edit Pages... There you can add pages by hitting 'New Page' - :) Hope this helps!