Monday, October 25, 2010

My adventures

In the previous post I mentioned that I'm sick - yep - sneezing, stuffy/runny nose - no temp to speak of (thank goodness) so that rules out the flu - just a common cold.  Still miserable though... so I looked at Neti Pots and thought - mmm - maybe - then I got to the store and saw the cost $17... ok not so much, but when you don't have that in your account - its too much.  So I did a McGyver - LOL - improvised.  I had some normal saline packets for a nebulizer (breathing treatment machine Gary used to have to use) - and so I leaned my head over and used those... well when the nose is plugged - it will just run out the side I'm trying to fill = mess!!  However it did soften the plug stuff so I was able to clear it a bit... that was Saturday - did a repeat yesterday and this morning... I think it has helped some with the nose - however, I'm now getting into the aches... not sure if its cold related, or because I've been 'taking it easy' (being lazy)... so I think I will consider a REAL neti pot when $$ allows - it would provide a better seal instead of just dripping and making a mess - LOL! 

On Sunday we made a delivery - then continued on to SF.  Just Gary and I... such a nice treat.  Yeah I was sick, but I was just sitting in the truck.  We did have a basket of fried (yes fried) calamari at the wharf - but the treat and the day (even thought is was cold/windy/wet) was WONDERFUL!  Days like that help me remember what is important.  $$ is nice, but can't buy companionship/comfort/love... (sorry for the mushy stuff :)  We didn't take a map - so we also 'wandered' through SF for a while (in the truck - to cold and wet to walk) seeing the sights... we haven't done that for a while.  Just taken off and gone driving.  Yep Sunday was a good day - oh and what about Momma??  Lynn & Morgan stayed with her.  They were bored out of their minds - I'm sure - but we so greatly appreciate them doing that for us... plus Lynn made up some mini pumpkin pie things - using a fresh pumpkin!!  YUM!!

Made another delivery today and have another tomorrow - Woo Hoo!!  Slow and steady wins the race... <big grin>  Well I'm at work (my paying job) so I guess I better start getting to the paperwork - bye for now <waving>

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