Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As I'm sitting here at work - thinking about eating dinner - I look at the little Ziploc container I'm using and think - I really like these things!  So I thought I would pass it along.  I have mentioned before that I have a problem with portion control... these really help.  I have a lunch box that I fill to bring with me to work - I can fit 4 of these in the box... That is plenty for a 'snack' when I get to work (about 3 pm) and dinner (at about 6 pm) with another 'snack' (about 8-9 pm) before I leave for home.  Each container holds 1-1.5 cups worth of food - so even if I pack a slider food (food that slips easily through my stoma) such as cottage cheese or soup, I still can't eat more because I didn't bring more :) Then now have come out with the twist top ones to - so much better for that liquid stuff!! So tonight I brought home made chili (Momma helped me sort the beans - LOL - kept her busy for a while) some pumpkin cheese cake w/SF caramel sauce drizzled on top, some peanut butter sweetened w/splenda and an apple.  So only 3 containers tonight - with an apple... Evening is the time I eat the most - so limiting what I bring really helps - at least that's the goal :)

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