Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Momma Update

Well for anyone not on FB and is interested - Momma will not need surgery!!  WOO HOO <happy dancing!!> That was a fear I was having - I have seen many in the Acute Care setting after a pinning of a bone that went totally loopy after anesthesia and was NOT wanting that for Momma!!  So its limited movement - basically 'as tolerated' and some dangles to maintain range of motion.  Stay with the Tylenol (he was glad we didn't give any NSAIDs because they can inhibit bone healing - I didn't know that!!) So our plans do continue in finding a place for Momma.  That hasn't changed with the no surgery option.  We will be 'dropping' in on a place tomorrow to check them out.  Its relatively close to the house which can be a good and bad thing.  Good because IF she needs anything - we don't have to travel too far.  Bad because there can always have the 'guilt' thing if we don't visit as much as we think we should.  Who knows though - they might not even have any openings - or we could get 'bad vibes'.  So we will see... Another thing we get to do tomorrow is check out possible work opportunity.  Not much info given over the phone, we have to go in - Mmm - I wonder if its a 'sales' speech or real employment - we will see tomorrow!!  So tomorrow will be a busy day.

I do want to 'say/type' how proud I am of my daughter and her husband... they are some pretty great people!!

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