Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well today is Thanksgiving and it has been a great day so far... Its been quiet with none of the usual hustle and bustle that usually goes with doing something with a large group of people.  There are times that all the chaos is fun, but dealing with an Alzheimer person - calm is so much better.  It is definitely a change from other years.  We would go over to a family friends house (friend of the family for longer than Gary and I have been married - so basically they're family).  There would upwards to 25-30 people... adults and kids - it was scattered chaos - but fun!!  If we had tried to do that today it would NOT have been fun - for her or for us.  I posted that I wasn't going to be on FB - and that has been a bit hard.  I'm almost addicted to knowing what is happening it everyone out there - LOL - but I've been good.  Gary is having his quiet time in the office - and I have my laptop out in the front room w/Momma - just sitting and watching TV.  Lunch turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself!!  Cooked a 16# turkey (yes just for the 3 of us) and we will have left overs for DAYS!!  I also baked then mashed some sweet potato/yams, mixed w/Whey Low Gold and real BUTTER <he-he> Then did up a green bean casserole using the Frenches Onions; however I didn't have the 'regular' ones just the cheddar flavored ones - YUM!!  Then the 'can' of cranberry sauce - I ran out of time to make up the bag I bought - the turkey cooked faster than I thought it would - didn't stuff it this year.  Then warmed up a bun or two for Momma. Oh and I also did up gravy - and I didn't burn it - it even tasted good - LOL!  I also tweaked a family favorite - Apple Crisp - my grandmother taught me how to make it - and so I can't wait to dig into it!! I love cooking - its relaxing to me - especially if it turns out well - and I'm impressed with how things turned out today, and I had a blast!!  Gary did clean up while I made the mess - nothing is sexier than a man with dishpan hands <just saying - wink wink>  Well I'm going to continue to relax and pretend the rest of the world isn't out there today... I must admit though - I'm glad I see my daughter and her husband weekly or I would seriously be missing them today... but I know they are starting out their own lives and traditions - and I'm happy for them :)

Thanksgiving is also suppose to be a holiday - originated by George Washington if I remember correctly - as a time for all Americans to be thankful to God.  I am very thankful this year - and I thought I would make a list:

I'm thankful for my faith - I don't always practice it like I should, and I doubt when I shouldn't - but I know that God is there and loves me anyway - with all my faults and doubts. Some how he will provide - but it will be HIS way.
I'm thankful for my husband - he is my HOME - no matter what building we put our stuff - he is home.  He protects me and comforts me.  I have well and truly blessed when God put him in my life.
I'm thankful for my health - that is one thing money CAN NOT buy.  The surgery that I had last year has given me a chance to do better and change what I can.  We will let God decide the rest :)
I'm also thankful for my friends - both the ones from my youth, the ones I have had through the years and also new ones.  Each one of you bring a special seasoning to my life that brightens the flavor of the day. (Ooo that sounds so impressive and philosophical) - but its true!!  Each interaction whether it be on Facebook, BLOGS or in person brings something to my life.  A glimpse into someone else's triumphs or fears.  Information they have had the time to look up that I haven't.  I am blessed anyway you look at it.

I loose sight of that sometimes - I look at the bad stuff and get so caught up in my own mouse trap that I forget just how much I DO have.  I'm glad I have taken the time today to really THINK about the blessings in my life and be truly THANKFUL!!

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