Monday, November 22, 2010

Thin person question...

And what is weird/wonderful is I can actually count myself as a 'thin' person right now :) Anyway... why is it when my core temp was 101.3 my hands were frozen and my lips blue?  (that's what was going on yesterday - when I wrote the blog entry - I hadn't checked my temp yet) That would mean my body was pulling blood from 'non essential' parts to keep my 'core' warm - and believe me it was warm enough!!  It took a blanket and an electric heating pad for me to stop shivering.  I know I'm a 'nurse' so I should have some basic idea - but I can't think of one.  So I thought I would ask all those 'thin' people out there what their experiences are - because I new at this 'thin' thing :^/

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