Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Day...

Its so weird how circulatory my moods can be.  Today though has been a nice day. <sigh> I love nice days :) I feel like I actually got something sort of accomplished - LOL!  I deep cleaned 1/2 of the kitchen (and we have a bigger kitchen), vacuumed 1/2 the house, Liberty Bell came out and worked on a speaker (talk about great customer service!) for the in-home surround sound that we had them install when we built the house.  I got at least 1 load of laundry done, Momma taken care of and I got to visit with a couple friends (while they toured the 'store').  On the way to work (yep that was all in the morning) I dropped off 8 (eight) large yard bags FULL of clothing that wasn't taken from the Gather.  Well 6 was from the Gather and the other 2 were my husbands 'too big' clothes, dropped them off at WEAVE Thrift.  Then of course I had to see what they had - so I picked up a couple (5) shirts for Gary... grand total of $25 (shhh he doesn't know yet).  Now I'm at work and 'blogging' - feeling much better and not quite so down.  Not that anything but my mood has changed - but actually DOING something during the day REALLY helps.  It really is a vicious cycle though - you start feeling down, so you 'mope', nothing really gets done, you feel guilty that you're not doing things you should, so you get more depressed, so you concentrate on what you're not doing and what you 'can't' do, and you get more depressed, so on and so forth . For today at least I broke that cycle - and DID something.  It felt good!!

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