Monday, November 15, 2010

My name is Lisa...


This is a YouTube 'movie' - only 6 minutes long, but boy does it hit home!!  No I'm not in High School like she is - but the main character I'm thinking of is the Mom.  I look back and wonder - just how much we didn't want to acknowledge that anything was wrong w/Momma - 'she's just getting older' - yeah we used that one for quite a few years.  Then she started getting lost - and she was just down the street!  THAT is when we had her 'examined' by the Doc (MMSE - mild to moderate) and HE reported her to DMV and 'they' took her license.  I think that was about 6 years ago now?  In 2007 we finally moved her out of the 'motor home' she was living in - to live w/us.  It sure has been a long road to hoe THAT'S for sure.  She doesn't know who we are (at least by name) any more - nor some of the basics of daily living. I am SO thankful though that I haven't cared for her all on my own.  I'm also glad that I have been here for my husband, so he hasn't had to do this alone.  My hats off to those that DO care-give for someone (not necessarily Alzheimer's) and they don't have the relief that I am blessed with.  Anyway - Melting Momma had this video on her BLOG - I had seen it before, but didn't know the 'address' of it - so I thought I would share it... This will just give you a 'glimpse' as to what Alzheimer's is like - there is so much MORE to it.  I don't know that I want to get into THAT though - However I might some day - there is some good info to know out there... its just way to close to home right now.

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