Friday, November 19, 2010

Bah Humbug...

LOL - Oh it has been quite a day.  Gary has been working on getting all my info on a 'new' computer (well its not 'new' but its the one Momma used to play solitaire on it - so basically new) and it was all done - Woo Hoo!!  Then I got my hands on it - the only thing is all I did was replug in the wires and it won't boot up - GRRR! Not even rebooting is working - and of course we have had that computer long enough that we can't find the CPR disc... sigh... we can order another one that will be about $30 and with shipping - sigh... yeah I'm sighing a lot - LOL!  So with that and Momma... it was like she knew I wasn't in the best of moods - every button was being pushed; or at least it seemed that way.  You know when you're frustrated even a rose can be a weed to you. (do you like my analogy? Well it made sense in my mind.)  So now I'm at work thinking ahead to tomorrow.  I am SO glad I put in my resignation - the petty bickering, one-upsmanship and spiteful back stabbing - and all coming from a couple people.  I've done the job for six+ years now - I think its time.  Plus I have other things on my plate.  Now if it was a PAYING job - that would be a whole other bottle of sauce!! Well I'm hoping to get out of here soon, so I'm signing off - looking forward to Sunday, but not sure what we are going to do.  Daughter and her hubby are Momma sitting but with how tight $$ is right now; the question is, should we really spend it on a road trip?

Oh let me toss in a little bit about the business - I actually got a call from a 'Dr.' office/business that have their own line of stuff - they want me to try it and possibly sell it.  I haven't tried it yet - I did look them up on-line and I think (if I can remember correctly, because its not in front of my face right now) it is more of a diet thing - not really for bypass folk.  Sugars and stuff - but don't quote me - I will need to look again.  ANYWAY - I thought it was cool that they searched ME (well PJ's) out to possibly sell their product <grin>... also I'm suppose to be getting samples of some RTDs as well from another company.  They will have a local distributor (Sacramento area) so I can pick up directly from them and it won't cost me delivery charge!!  I hope they work out - and that they will be appropriate for us... I thin it will though; its a relatively well known name for proteins.  IF it works out - I'll let everyone know <grin> OK I'm grinning more now instead of sighing - Yep thinking about good things does improve the mood - need to do that more <note to self>  Well bye for now <waving>

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