Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ahhhh - I feel so much better :) It is so amazing to me how even a short ride will help clear out some of the cobwebs.  Its almost a 'ZEN' feeling when riding.  I'm just riding to work, but in that short 20-30 minutes I don't concentrate on anything else BUT riding.  No worries about $$ or computers or 'to do' lists - just riding!!  There is a vibration and humming - then the feeling of the wind - ahhhh.  Words just don't do it justice - LOL!  An old saying - only a biker knows why a dog hangs his head out a window - yeah, I get it!

I hadn't been riding because I actually had a cold last week... I wanted to make sure I was completely over that because without my fa 'insulation' it gets downright cold at times on the way home.  LAYERS and wind proofing are the keys though.  I feel like the Michelin Man with all my gear on.  The layers consist of a head cover/face mask, helmet - then moving down a shirt, fleece, jacket and a windbreaker - legs get tights, pants and chaps - feet are socks and shoes (hope to get some boots someday soon).  Oh and gloves - LOL!!

I remember one of my favorite NSV (non scale victory) was when I was wondering what was going on with my bike!?! I had 100 miles on it and I wasn't having to switch over to the researve tank yet... when it finally dawned on me, it wasn't anything to do with the bike - it was ME that had changed!!  I had lost about 100# at that time - so the bike was getting better gas mileage not having to haul that extra 100# around.  I was stopped at a light and let out a squeal - now remember if I biker says anything out loud, folks can hear it - there are no windows - so I got a few funny looks, but I didn't care - it was a GREAT NSV!!

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